Saladin’s Conquest, premier DLC pour Ancestors Legacy

En bref. Toujours pour les amateurs de STR, voici une bande-annonce pour la première extension de ce jeu qui est passé il y a quelques semaines du théâtre de l’Europe médiévale à celui du Proche-Orient au temps de la troisième croisade. DLC qui ajoute donc une cinquième faction, les Sarrasins, et une campagne de cinq missions les concernant.

Pour plus d’informations sur Ancestors Legacy – Saladin’s Conquest, voyez cette page sur Steam.



Ancestors Legacy DLC – „Saladin’s Conquest” is out! + Playstation 4 and Xbox One release window revealed!

The brand new DLC is here! Exactly a year after our original release, we are back with a paid DLC – Saladin’s Conquest. It tells the story of the struggle between Saracens and Crusaders, just from a different perspective!
It will become available on Steam and GOG today at 7.00 pm CEST (10.00 am PST)!
For 9.99 EUR / 10.99 USD, you will get a full new single player campaign (5 missions), a new nation in both single and multiplayer and 3 new multiplayer maps.
Get 50% off on the base game this week, if you or your friends don’t own it yet!

Ancestors Legacy will also land on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this Summer!
Guys from Slipgate Ironworks (Rise of the Triad, Bombshell, Rad Rodgers) are working with us on the PS4 version of the game.
It was a tough path to get those two console versions, but thanks to your support we did it!
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