Sengoku Jidai : screenshots pour Mandate of Heaven

En bref. Bonne nouvelle pour ceux aimant le Moyen-âge et la Chine, Slitherine vient de dévoiler une série de captures d’écrans pour la future seconde extension de Sengoku Jidai. L’occasion d’apercevoir donc quelques détails des nouvelles factions et campagnes supplémentaires que proposera ce DLC sur le thème du déclin de la dynastie chinoise Ming et de la conquête du pouvoir par la dynastie Qing.

Pour plus d’informations sur Mandate of Heaven, dont la date de sortie n’est pas encore connue, voyez cette fiche chez Slitherine. Concernant le jeu de base, ne manquez pas non plus notre test.


A new expansion for Sengoku Jidai: Mandate of Heaven!

As we said previously, our plans for Sengoku Jidai aren’t over with the release of Gempei Kassen. The developers from Byzantine Games are working on a new, bigger expansion: Mandate of Heaven!

This expansion, larger in scope than Gempei Kassen, features China in the 16th and 17th centuries – the Middle Kingdom is in crisis and up for grabs. The Ming Emperor has lost the Mandate of Heaven, and his rule is weak. Peasant rebellions, disloyal governors and foreign invasions threaten to topple him. The time for talking is over – now weapons, strength of arm and clever strategies will decide the outcome of the war to come, and the winner might find himself at the head of the largest empire in Asia…

The Mandate of Heaven DLC brings players of Sengoku Jidai to another “country at war”. The expansion contains four dynamic historical campaigns set in the 16th and 17th centuries. These chronicle the decline of China’s Ming Dynasty and its conquest by the Manchu Qing Dynasty. It also includes the Mandate of Heaven sandbox campaign that enables players to freely choose the opposing forces fighting for supremacy over the Chinese mainland and Mongolian steppes. It also includes four new factions and many new units!

What do you think about it? Let us know on the forum!

Last but not least: the expansion is about to enter its beta testing phase. We need your help to find bugs and we’re interested in hearing your feedback, so please feel free to apply, all help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and stay tuned for more news!


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