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En chantier depuis 2014 du coté du studio à qui l’on doit entre autres Decisive Campaigns (voir par exemple cet AAR) et Advanced Tactics, voici aujourd’hui une première série de captures d’écrans pour ce qui sera donc un 4X post-apocalyptique inspiré par exemple de Dune, jeu propulsant le joueur à la tête d’une petite nation émergeant lentement et difficilement dans un futur sombre suite à une guerre ayant dévasté la planète.

Si le gameplay mettra beaucoup l’accent sur les conquêtes militaires, les mécanismes devraient offrir une assez grande diversité en termes de développement technologique, d’économie, de gestion de ressources et de budgets, ou encore de diplomatie. Le tout se jouant sur des planètes générées de manière procédurale, garantissant ainsi plus de rejouabilité. Un titre qui devrait s’avérer intéressant et comblera très probablement un vide pour les amateurs de 4X voulant changer des habituels contextes historiques et space opéra.

Pour plus d’informations sur Shadow Empire, dont la date de sortie n’est pas encore connue, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou sur le blog de VR Designs.




Shadow Empire is announced

It is the year 8200. It has been several hundred years since the Dissolution War destroyed human civilization.

You and your people are rising out of the ashes and rediscovering technology and the concept of civilization.

Chances are you’ll find yourself on a hellhole of a planet. One with very meagre resources, savage enemies on all sides, toxic atmosphere and irradiated lands. Though you could get luckier than that, nothing is certain…

You have been given the opportunity to lead the small city-state that you call home and that you have always served with honour.

You will have to create a strong military to expand, but you’ll also need to manage your budgets, direct your R&D, engage in diplomacy, guide your economy and plan your logistics.

And your henchmen and subjects are looking to you for guidance as well as judgement.

Can you make your people climb the ladder of civilization and technology once again? Can you conquer and reunite the planet?

Shadow Empire is the new ambitious project from VR Designs, the Developer Studio behind the renowned wargame series of Decisive Campaigns.

Shadow Empire is an immersive and rather complex turn-based wargame with a unique mix of military focus, 4X elements, procedural generation, role-playing features, making you experience reminiscences of old classics novels, such as Dune or Falkenberg’s Legion.

You are the creator of your own story. Start as a leader of an isolated city-state and delve into the abandoned wilderness, looking for resources, establishing outposts, building roads, discovering technologies and waging war against your local opponents.

A complex and flexible management system allows you to manage almost every aspect of your rising Empire. From appointing a different kind of Sub-Leaders (Zone Governors, Council Directors, Army Commanders, Advisors) to carefully balancing your needs for Water, Metal, Rare Metals, Oil and Radioactive.

The military element hasn’t been neglected, rather Shadow Empire has been built around a strong wargaming core. Your soldiers are affected by endless factors, such as Readiness, Morale, Supplies, Experience, Entrenchment, Landscapes, Recon, Rivers, Weapon and Armor Technologies, Concentric Attacks, Leader Skills and Posture Stratagems. Discover and Design dozens of different Equipment Types (like Light Tank, Walkers, Missile Launchers and so on).

Create the World by using real Astrobiology data about Climates, Rainfall, Deserts, Snow, Glaciers, Lava streams, Deep Forests, Mountain chains, Resources, Rivers, Biohazard Level and Respiratory Hazard Level, and more.

We have just started to scratch the surface of the countless possibilities and elements Shadow Empire has to offer.

What are you waiting for? Get more information about the game from its official product page.


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