Shadow Empire : trailer

Voici pour accompagner sa sortie aujourd’hui une nouvelle vidéo récapitulant en deux minutes l’essentiel des nombreuses possibilités offertes par le nouveau titre de VR Designs.

Ambitieux jeu post-apo offrant une sérieuse dimension wargame mais aussi un aspect 4X soigné, y compris jusque dans les interactions politiques avec les autres dirigeants de votre empire en devenir.

Pour plus d’informations sur Shadow Empire, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ainsi que sur le blog de VR Designs. A ne pas manquer non plus notre offre bonus spéciale pour accompagner ce week-end la sortie du jeu.



Shadow Empire is out

Shadow Empire one of the most immersive and innovative 4x game in the market, is out.

You are the leader of small cities on random-generated planets, besieged by threats of all kind and forced to gather every imaginable natural resource in order to survive. Face the post-apocalypse, rebuild civilization and write your own destiny!

The game universe is designed to evoke the feeling of being on another planet in some dark future, but at the same time to stay familiar. It is a game that does not deny it is a game, but it has a strong thematic focus on keeping things relatively realistic. For a strategy game, there is a relatively strong roleplaying angle where you’ll need to keep your leaders happy in order for them to do their jobs well and not get any ideas of rebellion.


The eXplorminate crew has recently interviewed the developer on their podcast, highlighting the sophisticated logistics and supply system and the procedural generation of units.

Check it out here.


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