Shadow Gambit – The Cursed Crew sort de l’ombre

En bref. Voici une longue bande-annonce accompagnant le lancement aujourd’hui de cet original jeu mêlant tactique et infiltration, nouveau titre du studio à qui l’on doit par exemple Shadow Tactics (voir cet article) et Desperados III. Jeu au gameplay probablement aussi soigné que les graphismes et le picaresque contexte fantastique le suggère. Les amateurs du genre voire ceux en quête d’exotisme vidéoludique devraient apprécier.

Pour plus d’informations sur Shadow Gambit – The Cursed Crew, voyez cette page sur Steam et le site officiel.



Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is OUT NOW.

First, set your eyes on the Launch Trailer and let it ignite the fire within yer cursed souls!

And then hoist the Red Marley’s sails and start playing!

Yo-ho-ho, it’s a cursed pirate’s life for all.

Where to buy

There are two (digital) ways to purchase Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew.

1) Get a Steam key for either the Standard Edition, Supporter Edition or the Superfan Supporter Edition in our very own and official key store

This way you can support us even further by purchasing the game from us directly!

2) Alternatively, you can buy the Standard Edition (39,99 Euros / USD) or the Supporter Edition (49,99 Euros / USD) directly here on Steam.

Where to get support

Should you find yourself in troubled waters because of a bug or an issue, head over to our official official support page

There you can report bugs and find answers to the most common questions and known issues.

Pro pirate tip: You can report bugs directly via “Report A Bug” in the “Options” menu of the game, as well. This would help us a lot because we get the feedback immediately and also see where in the game the bug occurred.

Of course, you can also ask the community for help in the Steam Forum or on our Discord server.

Share your pirate tales

We’re eager to hear about your first impressions of the game!

Share your thoughts, screenshots or videos with us on social media – be it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Reddit.

It’d warm our pirate hearts if you use #shadowgambit and tag us (@mimimiprod
or @mimimigames) in your posts.

Also, make sure to join our Discord to chat with us and the community about the adventures you have experienced in the Lost Caribbean.

Join our crew!

Join our Discord if you want to chat about the game with us and our growing Mimimi community.

You can also follow us on Twitter | YouTube | Twitch | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok to stay up to date.

And we have a Newsletter if you’d like to receive updates directly from us by email.


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