Shattered Hope, prochain DLC pour Surviving the Aftermath

Paradox annonce très brièvement l’arrivée prochaine d’une seconde extension pour son city-builder post-apo. Add-on qui ajoutera un original scénario dans lequel la Lune est pour on ne sait quelle raison brisée, ce qui a pour conséquence d’engendrer des pluies de fragments lunaires sur Terre.

Ces chutes de morceaux de Lune ajoutent un peu plus à la dévastation de la planète bleue, mais ont toutefois pour avantage de créer de nouveaux gisements de minerai. Ceux-ci permettent de créer de la poussière lunaire, très utile pour accélérer la construction des bâtiments dans les cité bourgeonnantes des survivantes.

Cela mis à part ce DLC ajoutera par exemple un original mécanisme permettant de représenter le niveau d’espoir dans votre colonie, celui-ci pouvant varier, particulièrement chuter et en conséquence créer de nouveaux problèmes pour vos colons qui seront alors démoralisés.

Pour plus d’informations sur Surviving the Aftermath: Shattered Hope, qui arrivera le 3 novembre prochain, voyez cette page sur Steam. Concernant Surviving the Aftermath voyez le site officielcette page sur Steam ou cette page chez Epic Games. Ainsi que notre préview.



Persevere or Perish in Shattered Hope, the Second Expansion for Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath: Shattered Hope makes “moonfall” on November 3rd

STOCKHOLM — October 18, 2022 — Paradox Interactive and Iceflake Studios today announced Shattered Hope, the second expansion for their survival colony builder, Surviving the Aftermath. Shattered Hope introduces the Shattered Moon calamity, giving players the ability to boost resource production and the task of maintaining survivor’s hope. Surviving the Aftermath: Shattered Hope launches on November 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC at a suggested retail price of 9.99 USD / 7.99 GBP / 9.99 EUR.

During the apocalypse, the Moon was destroyed and now the consequences of that are showering down from the sky in an unforeseen disaster. By gathering resources from Moon Rock deposits and coming together as a people, the survivors must find hope to proceed and prosper. Shattered Hope focuses around increasing resource production in the colony while attempting to keep up Hope for the colonists – otherwise the new Anguish condition can cause trouble for them and the entire colony.

“Shattered Hope measures the persistence of human nature during the most difficult of times. Human mind is a powerful thing and in this expansion endurance of the mind helps survivors to go on even after they are past their physical limits,” said Lasse Liljedahl, Game Director for Surviving the Aftermath. “New mechanics like hope, overtime and new resource chains add more depth to colonist management. The alternative would lead to dire consequences that impact the whole colony.”

Surviving the Aftermath: Shattered Hope Key Features:

Face the Moonfall and use it to your advantage with the new Building Boost mechanic

The Moon is shattered in the sky and its fragments are crushing down on Earth leaving behind them devastation – but also moon rock deposits. You can refine lunar fragments and obtain lunar dust which will be used to increase the production of your buildings for a limited time. This new building boost mechanic is called overtime.

Keep your hopes up, and feast!

Hope is a new global value that decreases over time and when catastrophes happen in the game. If kept too low for too long, it will trigger a new condition called anguish that, if left untreated, may turn your colonists hostile. So, keep your hope as high as possible by holding feasts at the new colony square building.

New production chain: take care of your colonists

When colonists experience anguish, you can help them by building a trauma center where they will heal. They will recover faster thanks to a brand new medicine called antistress. To make it, you’ll have to grow raw resources on the mushroom farm, then refine them into the actual medicine in the med hut building.

Surviving the Aftermath debuted first in Early Access on the Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Preview during PDXCON October 2019, and launched into Steam Early Access in October of 2020. In November 2021, the game left early access and officially launched on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, adding even more content and gameplay updates in the process. Throughout its lifespan, Iceflake and Paradox have incorporated player feedback into over 20 major content updates, introducing features that expand the World Map and Colony systems, enhance combat, and endgame content that sheds light on the nexus of the apocalypse.

For more information on Surviving the Aftermath, Paradox and Iceflake Studios, visit


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