Sins of a Solar Empire – Rebellion gratis jusqu’au 19 et nouveau DLC

Avis aux amateurs de Space opera, le très réussi jeu hybride, mi 4X mi STR, Sins of a Solar Empire est disponible gratuitement jusqu’à demain. Dépêchez-vous si vous voulez ajouter ce classique à votre ludothèque. Il s’agit ici de la dernière version de la série, intitulée Rebellion, qui vient d’ailleurs de bénéficier hier d’une extension sur le thème des factions mineures. DLC qui rajoute différentes options ainsi donc que 15 factions supplémentaires.

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NEW Minor Factions DLC for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is Now Available!

Earn the loyalty of 15 new minor factions and explore new strategic depth

Add a whole new level of strategic dimension with the Minor Factions DLC! Fight against your enemies to exert control over upstart forces that have emerged outside the boundaries of the great powers. Crush them if you desire, but it might be wiser to let your diplomatic envoys persuade them to join your cause – their unique capabilities may prove to be the difference between your victory and your defeat!

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“Minor Factions” Gameplay Option – Enable the spawning of minor factions! A new set will spawn each match, keeping your games varied and interesting.

15 new minor factions – Persuade factions to join your empire so that you can cultivate their unique bonuses and abilities! Send your envoys to convince them to side with you and boost your empire through new strategic opportunities. Factions include:

– Nilari Cultists: These fanatical cultists command waves of suicidal martyrs, sacrifice their people for devastating effects, and indoctrinate nearby populations to accelerate their cause. Be careful, though – with the end being near, they don’t always discriminate between friend and foe and it won’t matter whether you’ve won them to your side or not!
– Viturak Transport Cabal: Some Vasari technology is difficult to get ahold of, but this faction manages! Gain access to black market Vasari travel tech, including phase engine improvements and the ability to execute covert raids. If they let you into the back room, you may even find yourself with a stolen Antorak Marauder that you could pair with their local phase stabilizer…
– Grost Scrappers Union: Credits don’t discriminate, and neither does this faction! These underground human entrepreneurs accept payment from anyone. If you need an armor retrofit, a quick field repair, a great deal on resources, or even a place to convert those obsolete frigates into profitable scrap – these are your guys!
– 12 additional minor factions: No two are alike! Each provides abilities and advantages unique to their themes and roles, including mercenaries, xenophobes, pacifists, used ship dealers, demolition experts, resource miners, resistance fighters, arms dealers and more!

Sins of a Solar Empire blends the epic strategy and empire management of the 4X genre with the fast-paced and tactical elements of real-time strategy. You are the leader of a civilization embroiled in a galactic war, fighting for the survival of your entire race against relentless foes, and every decision you make (and every second that you take in making it) counts.

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