Sortie de Galactic Civilizations III – Altarian Prophecy

En bref. Stardock a sorti cette semaine un huitième petit DLC pour Galactic Civilizations III, mini extension explorant ici au fil de trois missions l’histoire de l’alliance Terrienne et permettant de mieux personnaliser ses flottes de vaisseaux.

Pour plus d’informations Altarian Prophecy, voyez cette page chez Stardock ou celle-ci sur Steam, où vous trouverez aussi différentes captures d’écrans. Concernant le jeu de base, voyez notre test ainsi que le site officiel ou encore cette page sur Steam.


Stardock Releases Altarian Prophecy DLC for Galactic Civilizations III Today

Plymouth, MI. – August 23, 2016 – Stardock released the new Altarian Prophecy DLC for Galactic Civilizations III today. The DLC contains a brand new campaign that focuses on how the Terran Alliance and the Altarian Confederation first met and united against a common enemy. New ship parts and some familiar ship styles have also been added with this DLC.

“The campaign has three missions that center around the alliance between the Terrans and the Altarians,” said designer Paul Boyer. “The players will have to work together with the Altarians to fend off the encroachment of the Dominion of the Korx. And as usual, there’s the Drengin to worry about too,” Boyer adds.

The Altarian Prophecy also contains some classic ship styles. These styles will allow players to model their ships after the Drath and the Korx. In addition to the new styles, the DLC adds dozens of classic ship parts to allow for further customization.

“We always enjoy seeing what kinds of custom ships our players create,” said Boyer. “We like to give them the tools to keep coming up with unique and interesting designs. It’s really cool to see the process.”

The Altarian Prophecy DLCis now available on Steam or through Stardock for $4.99. For more information about Galactic Civilizations III, please visit

About Stardock:

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