Sortie de Scourge of War : Quatre Bras

En bref. L’extension Quatre Bras pour Scourge of War – Waterloo est disponible depuis peu. Au programme cinq scénarios représentant fidèlement le déroulement des combats dans cette bataille qui fut le prologue de celle de Waterloo.

Pour plus d’informations sur le jeu voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam. Concernant le jeu de base, voyez par contre cette fiche chez Matrix ou celle-ci sur Steam, ainsi que notre test.

Hold the strategic crossroads
Scourge of War: Quatre Bras is out now on PC!

Epsom, UK – June 16, 2016.
“Napoleon has humbugged me, by God; he has gained twenty-four hours’ march on me” – The Duke of Wellington

Scourge of War: Quatre Bras brings a new Napoleonic epic battle, extending the Waterloo experience and accurately simulating the many factors that helped decide one of the key battles in one of the most iconic campaigns of the European history.

The game puts players at the top of the chain of command but also allows them to play at a lower rank. They will have to deal with orders coming from their superiors while finding an effective way to maneuver their own units in an accurate map of the 5×5 mile battlefield.

With 5 historical scenarios, an unlimited user generated sandbox scenario system and multiplayer maps, Scourge of War: Quatre Bras offers giant battles involving thousands of soldiers ready to fight for the glory of France or for the members of the Seventh Coalition. Thanks to in-depth research, the game includes historical unit names, weapons, leaders and formations of this dramatic encounter between Napoleon and his opponents.

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