Sortie de Talisman : Le Royaume d’Outre Monde

Une nouvelle petite extension est disponible pour l’édition digitale de Talisman. Intitulée Le Royaume d’Outre Monde, Nether Realm en VO, cet add-on ajoute trois fins différentes aux parties et surtout trente-six cartes Aventures supplémentaires qui proposeront des défis corsés y compris pour les meilleurs joueurs.

Pour plus d’informations sur ce 22ème DLC, voyez cette page sur le site officiel, cette fiche sur Steam, ou encore pour le jeu de base (l’achat se faisant in-app) celle-ci sur iTunes et celle-ci sur Google Play. A lire aussi en complément et en anglais ce court interview du concepteur de Nether Realm. Si vous ne connaissez pas Talisman, actuellement en promotion à moitié prix sur Steam.



CHESHIRE, UK, MAY 5 th 2016: The expansion, designed for Talisman by Jon New of Talisman Island, has been adapted for Talisman: Digital Edition and is now available to download. The Nether Realm is the first of the Talisman Digital Edition expansions to be delivered for 2016.

The Nether Realm adds three new alternative endings and 36 Nether cards designed to challenge even the hardiest of adventurers! The Nether Realm, where the most terrible beasts of fairy tales and nightmares live, once threatened to swallow up the world of men. Legends say that, thousands of years ago, a mighty wizard sealed the Nether Realm in a great golden box. But now, the box has been opened. The denizens of the Nether Realm are free to cross into this world and plunge those brave few who seek the Crown of Command into a living nightmare.

It’s the latest piece of DLC available for an ever-expanding Talisman world, with previous expansion packs including, The City Expansion, The Highland Expansion, The Dungeon Expansion, The Frostmarch Expansion and The Reaper Expansion.

Nomad Games Don Whiteford says “We are committed to growing the Talisman brand, as Nether Realms shows in addition to the recently introduced Warhammer 40K themed ‘Talisman Horus Heresy’”. A games console version of Talisman Digital Edition is currently under development by a partner company.’

Nomad Games is also working with Steam to offer additional characters in specially discounted packs for the PC version of the game.

The Nether Realms on Steam and Google Play and is available to download today for £2.79 ($3.99) from Steam, £1.49 ($1.99) on the App Store and £1.49 exc. tax ($2.17) on Google Play. iOS out next week.

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