Matrix vient de confirmer la sortie hier d’une première extension pour Gary Grigsby’s War in the West. Intitulé Operation Torch, cet add-on propose donc dix scénarios historiques et hypothétiques prenant pour cadre les années 1942 à 1945 sur le front méditerranéen (campagne d’Afrique du nord, Italie, débarquement en Provence) ou en Europe de l’ouest avec par exemple des scénarios sur la guerre aérienne et les bombardements sur les industries du troisième Reich, ou encore une campagne débutant à partir de la bataille des Ardennes.

Pour plus d’informations sur le jeu, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur. A lire en complément dans le forum de Matrix cet AAR sur le scénario Torch to Tunisia. Et cet article pour le contexte historique.

Notez enfin que pour l’occasion War in the West vient de passer en version 1.0.1, voyez cette annonce pour le changelog complet de ce nouveau patch.


Flash: Allies Land in North Africa!
Gary Grigsby’s War in the West: Operation Torch is releasing today!

Epsom, UK – October 08, 2015.

Almost one year ago, Gary Grigsby’s War in the West amazed fans of detailed wargames and critics alike. This massive strategy game dedicated to the Western Front of WW2 is a ‘thoughtfully designed wargame that will give you an enriched experience at the operational level’ (94% – Armchair General) and a ‘really deep and satisfying game to enjoy’ (Grogheads). But even though the scope of the original game was impressive, developer 2by3 Games wanted to cover this part of the war more extensively.

Today they are back with the release of a new expansion called Operation Torch. This introduces a set of new scenarios covering the African and Western European operations between late 1942 and 1945.

On top of that the expansion benefits from an enhanced version of the engine that brings the air war to a higher level with improved navigation panels and scenarios specifically designed for this aspect of the war. Players who like action in multiplayer have now the chance to join bigger games including 3 or 4 players and also play as co-operative air and ground commanders with another human player against the AI!
The game features 10 historical and what-if operations:

  • Torch to Tunisia (10 Nov 1942 – 26 Jul 1943 – 37 turns)
  • Battle for Tunisia (Feb 1943 – June 1943 – approximately 20 turns)
  • Rommel Attacks (Feb 1943 – March 1943 – approximately 6 turns)
  • Operation Dragoon (8 Aug 1944 – 18 Sep 1944 – 6 turns)
  • Operation Diadem to the Gothic Line (11 May 1944 – 27 Sep 1944 – 20 turns)
  • Breaching the Gothic Line (25 Aug 1944 – 4 May 1945 – 36 turns)
  • Weakest Link (13 Sep 1944 – 10 Feb 1945 – 20 turns) is an air only campaign covering the attacks on the German oil and fuel industries
  • Pointblank Directive 1944 (16 Jun 1943 – 5 Apr 1944 – 42 turns) is an air only campaign covering the early strategic bombing efforts by Bomber Command and the US 8th Air Force
  • 1945 Campaign (16 Dec 1944 – 4 Aug 1945 – 33 turns) starts with the Battle of the Bulge and covers the entire western theater of operations.
  • The 4th Supreme Command (3 July 1943 – 4 Aug 1945 – 109 turns) is a hypothetical Grand Campaign that assumes Hitler had been assassinated in March 1943, and that the Axis armies were in a better situation in the summer of 1943.

And this Saturday, on October 10th, 20.00 (CEST), we are going to give players a look at the game on the official Twitch channel of the Slitherine Group!

As part of the release, War in the West is also getting a major free update, with dozens of new features, fixes and data and scenario tweaks.


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