SpellForce 3 : premières images

Nordic Games vient de dévoiler une première série de captures d’écrans pour le futur SpellForce 3. L’occasion d’apercevoir un peu ce à quoi ressemblera cette suite, qui d’ailleurs viendra étoffer l’univers du jeu en remontant quelques siècles en arrière, par rapport aux évènements ayant eu lieu dans le premier SpellForce, paru en 2003.

Pour plus d’informations sur ce STR option RPG, dont la sortie devrait avoir lieu on ne sait quand cette année, voyez le communiqué suivant ainsi que cette page sur Steam, où vous trouverez d’ailleurs quelques autres screenshots.



Grimlore Games and Nordic Games combine the best of the two genres in a brand new SpellForce experience

Vienna (Austria) – 25 May 2016: This year Nordic Games is going right back to the roots of the SpellForce saga with SpellForce 3, a perfect blend of real-time strategy and role-playing game.

SpellForce 3 combines the best of the two genres in the renowned SpellForce universe with a rich, deep backstory. The action takes place prior to the events of SpellForce: The Order of Dawn, and this “prequel” immerses players in the lush and luxuriant fantasy world of Eo.

In this press release we want to take a closer look at the hybrid gameplay and the RTS part of the game.

Heroes and Quests

Similar to its successful predecessors, players create their hero from scratch and can then develop the hero’s skills during the campaign, complete quests, explore the game world and join forces with up to three characters to form a group of heroes.

Organic Growth

The map in SpellForce 3 is divided into different sectors. The player’s base will always grow organically, not arbitrarily. This means that the player can only conquer sectors, which are connected to the base or other, already conquered, sectors. This is important, because there is no “Global Economy”, but the distribution of resources will happen mechanically (resources are being transported via carts). The player can decide which raw materials they want to collect, distribute and export in each sector and must therefore carefully plan where to build the sectors.

Sector Management

If, for example, the player defeats all the enemies in a particular sector and the bandit camp is captured, they can establish an outpost in this area. The player can then construct buildings in the sectors, exploit raw materials (wood, stone, food, etc.), transport goods and produce resources to then recruit new fighting units. Each outpost has a set number of workers who can be hired, so a core element of the game is to balance the economy and manage the sector to ensure the most efficient deployment of the available workers.

Hybrid gameplay

We don’t want to ignore the RPG component and want players to have the best gaming experience possible with SpellForce 3, so the micro management is not as hectic and fast-paced as in many other RTS games. Players can therefore enjoy both gameplay genres (RTS and RPG) in equal measure.

SpellForce 3 Features

  • RTS/RPG Mix: Unique gameplay combining RTS and Top-Down RPG genres
  • RTS: the RTS part focuses on macromanagement (overall strategy, building a base/economy, conquering of zones, managing large groups of units)
  • RPG: the RPG part puts emphasis on micromanaging the party of heroes (skills of ALL heroes of the party have assigned keyboard bindings) in battles
  • Create & Customize: assemble your party of heroes and choose between numerous combinations of different skill builds
  • Strengthen and command your army: Prepare your troops and f ight the mother of all battles. Moreover, players can utilize a wide array of strategic choices (like e.g. terrain, troop formations, visibility, scouting etc.) that would make Sun Tzu proud
  • Epic Storyline: Unravel a deep and sophisticated story, eventually leading up to the events that cause the world-changing convocation ritual
  • Rich Universe & :Lore: Explore the world Eo and discover intrigues, secrets and a lot of loot for your hero
  • Extensive Single-Player Campaign: 30+ hours, even more when you manage to discover all the things Grimlore put in the world
  • Multiplayer: Strong multiplayer component with various modes – Play cooperatively or in versus battles


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