SpellForce 3 – Soul Harvest : Darkness is coming !

La très belle suite du troisième volet de la série Spellforce va bientôt revenir sur le devant de la scène, comme le montre cette bande-annonce présentant les principales nouveautés qui composeront l’extension stand alone Soul Harvest. Dont la sortie est prévue, sans plus de précisions pour l’instant, dans le courant du second trimestre de l’année prochaine.

Au menu, des Nains et des Elfes noirs amenant le jeu à un total de cinq factions, des unités volantes, la refonte de différents mécanismes, ou encore une nouvelle campagne proposant une histoire sombre et captivante qui devrait vous occuper pendant une vingtaine d’heure, en solo ou en multijoueurs option coopération.

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Hammer, Axe and Keg o’Beer – get ready to celebrate: Dwarves are coming to SpellForce 3!

Vienna, Austria and Munich, Germany, December 18th, 2018 – The most magnificent of all fantasy races is now ready to march on it’s short legs into the world of Eo: With the new expansion Soul Harvest, RTS/RPG SpellForce 3 expands it’s roster of races to five. In the shadow of the glorious dwarvish armies, the Dark Elves are also coming to the game.

Sending the player on a full new epic campaign with over 20 hours of gameplay, Soul Harvest has even more features – all five factions will gain new units, flying units! Also there are new game modes and some of the game’s core systems has been completely overhauled, as the sector-based resource system for example.

Following it’s ingame announcement on December 17th – the first time ever, a game was announced in a game, as far as we know – Soul Harvest is due in Q2 2019 and will be available as a stand-alone expansion on PC. So you can chose to have the full SpellForce-III-Experience or to focus on Dwarves & Dark Elves instead. More details about the special discount for existing SpellForce-owners, the new units and some of the new game modes coming soon.


– Build your distinct heroes by a deep skilltree
– Lead your army to victory in a new sector-based RTS system
– Use unique mechanics of your army units to win epic battles
– Use flying units for even more advance tactics
– Epic fantasy soundtrack and bleeding edge top down graphics

Multiplayer Features:

– Each faction has three unique heroes that compliment individual play styles
– A modern multiplayer lobby will allow easier matchmaking and ranked play
– Play new game modes for a special challenge
– Create your own maps with the powerful modding tools.

New features compared to SpellForce 3:

– All-New Campaign: Featuring new storyline with over 20 hours of content
– All-New abilities and skilltrees for even more diverse heroes
– All-New RTS Gameplay: Sector-based system with a focus on global resource distribution and unique faction mechanic
– Unique mechanics and unique unit kits make the races feel very diverse and offer replay-value in the campaign
– Flying units allow more tactical elements
– New factions: Dwarves and Dark Elves
– Overhauled UI makes the game more pleasant to look at and more readable