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En bref. Avis aux amateurs de gestion de méga-corporations et d’ambiance Cyberpunk, voici un jeu semblant mélanger habilement les deux concepts, en y ajoutant même un défi ultime, devenir immortel. Oui, car après tout, à quoi sert le pouvoir et l’argent, si ce n’est à défier la grande faucheuse !

Pour plus d’informations sur Spinnortality, disponible depuis quelques semaines et qui a déjà bénéficié de deux premiers patchs corrigeant divers défauts de jeunesse, voyez le site officiel, ou cette page sur Steam.



Spinnortality is out now!

Hi everyone,

Spinnortality is out now! Technically it was out about 18 hours ago but suddenly I had a bajillion things to do come launch, so this update is a little tardy.

What is Spinnortality, I hear you ask? (Well, not all of you – some lovely people have bought the game already!)

Spinnortality is a cyberpunk management sim where you run a giant evil megacorporation in a dystopian future. You can look forward to:

Rigging elections, spreading fake news or just smashing governments with riots and coups
Researching awful products, then marketing them to make them irresistible
Pushing the boundaries of brain transfer tech to make sure you and the Board of Directors are always young, fresh and ready to perform hostile takeovers

If this sounds like your thing, the game is out on Steam now.

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