Stalingrad, premier DLC pour Valor & Victory

Matrix confirme l’arrivée ce jour de la première extension de Valor & Victory. Wargame tactique lointainement inspiré d’ASL, en offrant un système plus simple, jeu pour lequel ce DLC ajoute 14 missions. Et donc évidemment les unités et matériels relatifs à l’URSS.

Une mise à jour gratuite doit arriver en parallèle, pour elle ajouter de nouvelles fonctionnalités au jeu (ex : mortiers d’infanterie, lance-flammes, artillerie hors-carte, soutien aérien, tireurs d’élite, champs de mines), ce qui étoffera certainement les possibilités, qui à la sortie du jeu était un peu trop limitée, tactiquement. Nous tacherons de vous en reparler plus en détails dans quelques temps.

D’ici là, pour plus d’informations sur Valor & Victory: Stalingrad, disponible depuis aujourd’hui, voyez cette page chez Matrix Games et cette page sur Steam.

Concernant le jeu de base voyez par ici sur Steam et par là chez l’éditeur. Ainsi que notre aperçu.



Valor & Victory: Stalingrad is out now!

Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to announce that Valor & Victory: Stalingrad is out NOW.

Valor & Victory: Stalingrad is the first DLC for Valor & Victory, the squad-level tactical game set in World War II and based on the original counter board game.

In this DLC, a brand new playable faction has been introduced to the game: the Soviet Union. It comes with its own new units, support weapons, anti-tank guns, armour, transports and more.

Set in the Eastern front, fully featuring the entirety of the Battle of Stalingrad, perhaps the most important battle in World War II and turning point of the war. There are 14 new, exciting scenarios that follow the historic events as well as 13 new maps.

The new scenarios are extremely varied and will provide you with new and original tactical situations that you will need to face. Moreover, hills and ravines are included, blocking or enhancing LOS. Units can move around the terrain using hills and valleys without being seen by the enemy. On top of that new terrain types have been introduced, so you can have even more map variety.
The Stalingrad DLC will be released alongside a free update for the base game. This update will contain significant additions in the form of new content and features to better represent the close conflict of the era. These include: infantry mortars, flamethrowers and off-board artillery support as well as air support, snipers, minefields, and more.

Artillery has long been known as the king of the battlefield, but snipers were also a primary source of unseen fear. The Stalingrad DLC introduces them both to Valor & Victory.

Snipers are activated when an opposing infantry unit rolls a natural 12 while making an AP or AT attack. They have the ability to appear in cover within LOS of the attacking unit that triggered the sniper, simulating their ability to be lurking literally anywhere.

Enjoy the DLC and let us know what you think about it!


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