Steel Division 2 : screenshots et trailer

Eugen Systems vient de mettre en ligne une jolie bande-annonce ainsi qu’une série de captures d’écrans présentant pour le plus grand plaisir des amateurs de bons STR le futur second volet de Steel Division (voir notre test). Suite qui se déroulera toujours en 1944, mais du coté cette fois des vastes étendues de l’URSS, avec comme contexte précis l’offensive soviétique générale que fut l’opération Bagration.

Au passage on remarquera aussi que l’équipe d’Eugen Systems va désormais éditer le jeu par elle-même. Et que le jeu comportera aussi un nouveau mode de campagnes dynamiques en tour par tour.

Pour plus d’informations sur Steel Division 2, dont la date de sortie n’est pas encore connue, voyez le site officiel.



Steel Division 2: Command your Army, Fight your Battles!

We are proud to announce Steel Division 2, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Steel Division: Normandy 44, and, the first of our games to be developed and published all by ourselves!


Set during Operation Bagration, the gigantic Soviet offensive in the summer of 1944, in Steel Division 2, you will not only enjoy massive and frenetic up to 10v10 multiplayer battles, hundreds of new historically authentic units and 25 new maps, but also experience the brand new, turn-based, single-player Dynamic Strategic Campaigns!

Relive the Operation Bagration through the brand new 1:1 scale Dynamic Strategic Campaigns! In the boots of a General, you are the leader of thousands of men, you manage your troops movements, you decide which battle to fight to win the war. You were leading mens, now you’re in charge of your entire Army!


Command over 600 units fielded by the Red Army and the Axis powers! Wield the destructive force of the Katyusha rockets or charge ahead with the T-34 tank, you will be able to choose from up to 18 new divisions!

We’re also making substantial changes to the Deck building mechanics and combat, together with a more realistic art direction!

Sign up now[] to get an exclusive cosmetic Ace at the game’s release: Marcel Albert and his deadly Yakovlev Yak-9 fighter aircraft! Member of the “Normandie-Niemen” Fighter regiment he is one of the highest-scoring Allied Ace of the Eastern Front!