Stellar Sovereigns : bande-annonce

En bref. Les amateurs de 4X seront peut-être curieux de découvrir ce nouveau titre récemment arrivé dans notre galaxie vidéoludique, jeu ambitieux développé a priori par une seule personne, et qui offre un mélange de gestion classique d’empire et de batailles en temps réel.

Pour plus d’informations sur Stellar Sovereigns, voyez les communiqués ci-après et cette fiche sur Steam. Ou encore cette page sur



RELEASED! Stellar Sovereigns is now out!

Excited to announce the release of Stellar Sovereigns!

To celebrate this mile stone I invite you to a live streaming of the game tonight starting from 17:00 (GMT)

I hope to see you all there!


Stellar Sovereigns Release Date Announcement

Dear Space Emperors!

I am happy to bring you the release date of Stellar Sovereigns 15th of March 2023.

Not long now when you get to play this new indie 4X space strategy game with turn based empire management and real time strategic combat.

To commemorate this auspicious event I have put together a little trailer showcasing many aspects of Stellar Sovereigns for your enjoyment.

I hope you will find it to your liking and take part in the discussion bellow on what this humble lowly developer of yours has created for you!



Welcome to Stellar Sovereigns

Dear Space Emperors!

My signal intelligence indicates that you majesties are enjoying Exploring, Expending, Exploiting and Exterminating most universes that you find worthy to your magnificent attention!

So if you may allow I Zoltan a lowly developer would bring such a universe of my design to you with the hopes that you find it to be worthy of your valuable time, and may even be to your desire to behold.

Let me introduce you to Stellar Sovereigns, my solo developed 4X space strategy game developed with passion and love for the genre.

It is a feature rich game with an in-depth turn based empire management and real time strategic combat, while offering automation features to reduce micromanagement when and where is needed.

It features procedurally generated 3D star charts, colony management which grows a small settlement into bustling mega city, fleets constructed from a range of capital and escort class vessels, retrofitting system to change the loadout of ships, stations and platforms, a large tech forest with 22 tech trees, trade and logistics system with physical freighters that can be intercepted and looted, salvaging of destroyed vessels for resources and technology, space combat with many micromanagement features from power, weapons, abilities which all can be set to be automated on a vessel by vessel case.

Naturally there is a lot more for you to discover, intricacies to exploit and possibilities to uncover in Stellar Sovereigns if you give it a chance!


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