Strategic Command – World War I : patch et nouvelles campagnes

En bref. Slitherine et Fury Software continuent d’améliorer la déclinaison 14-18 de Strategic Command, avec l’arrivée cette semaine d’une mise à jour assez importante, corrigeant pas mal de détails, voir le changelog ci-après. Mais aussi avec l’ajout d’une campagne supplémentaire, intitulée 1918 Ludendorff, sur donc a priori le thème de ce général allemand et son ultime tentative de mettre fin à la guerre.

Au passage notez que le patch 1.01.04 avait déjà en février dernier ajouté un autre scénario, 1914 March to Paris, là sur le sujet de la campagne au tout début du conflit. De quoi varier un peu plus si besoin les approches offertes par le jeu.

Pour plus d’informations sur Strategic Command : World War I, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam. Puis notre test ainsi que ce récit de partie.



Ludendorff Campaign is coming in Strategic Command WWI version 1.01.05

Strategic Command WWI has been updated to version 1.01.05 and it adds a new campaign, featuring Ludendorff and his final attempts to end the war.

– Fixed a surrendering calculation error for nations that reached zero National Morale and then had an obviously incorrect enemy country become the occupier (Mithrilotter).
– Fixed a naval unit spotting error that still allowed naval units with land spotting values of zero to spot inland.
– Fixed a right edge of the map scrolling and display glitch that would sometimes show units in the wrong positions (mroyer, christolos, taxman66).
– Fixed a rare error that provided some Tank units with immediate entrenchment after moving when it should have been set to zero.
– Fixed a bug that allowed AI Engineers to reinforce after an attempted move towards a fortification building position (bootlegger267).
– Fixed a SURRENDER_2 game engine handling error that did not properly convert enemy hex control in some situations (Mithrilotter).
– Fixed an error that had surrendering minors check against remaining units at 50% per unit to skip surrendering instead of 6% (The Land).
– Fixed an issue where customized sounds from a MOD were being reset when quiting a campaign and starting again (Tanaka).
– Fixed a land convoy path issue that did not correctly identify invalid paths due to territorial ownership/control changes along the convoy path.
– Fixed a combat error for some defenders that were receiving the incorrect amount of experience from an attack (pjg100).
– Fixed a spotting penalty error that could allow units to spot further than intended from customized edits of campaigns (Rainer).
– Fixed an issue where players could still reinforce and upgrade units via the toolbar method when the campaign setting had these options disabled (ericdauriac).
– Fixed an issue where declaration of war related popups would appear within the WAR MAP screen and not show later after a player exits (dhucul2011).
– Fixed an operate air unit display cost error, final cost was correct, the question just showed the wrong amount (armuss).
– Fixed a rare DECISION event related error that prevented some events from firing properly when a country surrendered on the same turn (Makhno1917).
– Fortification facings now have an effect on attacking Amphibious transports (Christolos).
– New Units to be placed on the map will now only center on a capital city location whenever the current map does not highlight a viable placement position (MJY).
– PBEM++ games can now be set to ‘Disable Game End Date’ in the OPTIONS setup screen (dcinlassen).
– PBEM++ in game chat messages now increased to a length of 140 characters from 130.
– PBEM++ server access and Refresh further optimized and sped up considerably.

1914 March on Paris
– Woods near Reims and Villers-Cotterêts amended.
– Road added between Arras and Doullens.
– Düsseldorf added as a German Industrial Center.
– The loss of Düsseldorf and Köln now reduces German National Morale by 5,000 rather than 3,000 points apiece (Xsillione).
– The province of Malmedy in Belgium is now part of Germany (Rainer Klahold).

All Europe wide Campaigns
– Reduced the number of Alignment Positions in the dummy Decision Events triggering the Russian convoy to Serbia and the German convoy to Austria-Hungary.
– German fortifications that start on the map in the east will now be destroyed if captured (Christolos).
– Russia’s starting Naval Mine Build Limit increased from 1 to 2, and there is now a minefield in the Baltic in both 1914 campaigns.
– If German National Morale is below 10% then Bulgaria will now surrender if there are 2 Entente units within 3 hexes of central Bulgaria (hex 196,99) in addition to the already established trigger of there being 2 Entente units within 2 hexes of Sofia (William Knowles).
– Trigger ranges for the Russian Opolchenie at Smolensk and Kiev to be activated increased.
– Polish units can now be upgraded.
– The hex west of Lupkov Pass (190,85) now transfer to Czechoslovakia rather than Hungary on the collapse of Austria-Hungary (eightrommofelixir).
– Hexes 184,83, 185,83 and 186,84 now transfer to Czechoslovakia rather than Poland on the collapse of Austria-Hungary (eightrommofelixir).
– Some changes made to the Polish army’s deployment to make the country more defensible against Germany (eightrommofelixir).
– The area around Trento and Bruneck now transfer to Italy if Austria-Hungary surrenders (eightrommofelixir).
– When the Ottoman Empire collapses, if Russia is still in the war then it will gain territory in the Caucasus including Trabzon, Erzumum and Van (eightrommofelixir).
– AI PURCHASE and RESEARCH scripts optimized and improved (Xsillione. Benedict151).

Both Europe wide 1914 Campaigns
– Ottoman Mobilization_3 event #NAME= Ottoman Empire->Entente (post surrender) from September 1915 reducing Ottoman mobilization to zero can now only fire if the Ottomans had previously entered the war (CommandoDude).
– Two Russian Garrisons added in eastern Poland, and the Russian Recon Bombers have been moved south from Brest-Litovsk (Iwarmonger; Xsillione; Chernobyl).
– The Austro-Hungarian IX corps has been moved from hex 192,82 to 192,83 (Chernobyl).
– Austria-Hungary’s gain in National Morale points from Serbia surrendering has been reduced from 2,500 to 1,500 points (Wittmann).
– National Morale script where Germany should gain points from Serbia surrendering has been corrected.
– The chance of Germany investing in Infantry Warfare and Submarines research has been increased (Benedict151).
– Ottoman AI RESEARCH has been amended to increase their investment in Command and Control and reduce it in Submarines (Benedict151).
– Extended the distance at which Greek units will deploy in Athens and Sparta if Greece is invaded (Xsillione).

1914 Call to Arms
– 1914 Call to Arms Strategy Guide corrected so that DE 704 refers to Austro-Hungarian National Morale reducing by 8,000 points rather than 10,000 if the Central Powers say YES to this (Christolos).

– Added 1918 Ludendorff


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