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Voici une série de captures d’écrans dévoilant ce qui devrait être le futur cinquième volet de la série Strategic Mind. Qui va donc permettre cette fois de jouer la guerre difficile que les finlandais remportèrent en 40 face à un ours soviétique déchaîné, mais mal préparé. Du moins la première fois, car l’URSS revint après à l’assaut.

Le jeu proposera une campagne historique allant de 1939 à 1945, représentant ainsi les trois parties de ce conflit (la guerre d’Hiver, la guerre de Continuation et la guerre de Laponie), ainsi qu’une campagne plus courte avec des évènements hypothétiques.

Pour plus d’informations sur Strategic Mind – Spirit of Liberty, dont l’offensive sur nos écrans ne débutera a priori pas avant fin 2021 voire début 2022, voyez cette page sur le site du studio ou cette fiche sur Steam.

A découvrir éventuellement aussi sur ce thème le récent SGS Winter War.

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The Red Menace will be stopped! Starni Games announce the new title about Finland

Kyiv, Ukraine, 3 March 2021

Today the Ukrainian game development company Starni Games has announced its next project – Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty. The release date for PC is planned for late 2021 – early 2022.

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty is a turn-based strategy game set in WW2. The player will take the role of the commander of the Finnish Army as it struggles to defend against the fearsome Soviet Union. With Finland outnumbered and outgunned, the defeat seems inevitable. Yet there is more to this war than rifles and artillery – there is the fighting spirit of those who know they are defending their homeland. It is up to the player’s shrewd tactics to preserve that spirit and save Finland.

Along with the announcement, the Steam Store page is now open with the key art and early visual assets.

Go to the Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty store page on Steam.

“We are happy to announce our next project within the Strategic Mind Franchise, under the name “Spirit of Liberty”. It is a very symbolic name, and it best describes what the Finns had to go through during WW2. We hope that we will be able to deliver the story that will be a worthy tribute to the heroes of the past.” – says Ihor Tymoshenko, the CEO of Starni Games. Ihor also tells a bit more about the work on key art: “When choosing the key art composition, we wanted to translate the atmosphere of the destroyed town that still fights back. To show the disparity between the opposing forces, and at the same time the heroic struggle of the Finnish soldiers ready to keep fighting for their homeland no matter what.”

The core gameplay of Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty will feel familiar for the fans of wargames like Panzer General. At the same time, it brings a lot of novelty into the genre, as well as lots of narrative that will make you feel like a participant of the great events of the past.

Key features of the ‘Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty’:

– Two campaigns: historical and alternate history.
plot-driven gameplay: history based narrative recreates the atmosphere of war for survival.
– Advanced combat tactics: use terrain and positioning, learn skills and choose equipment for every unit to overcome your enemies.
– Through the key characters’ eyes: watch over 60 minutes of battles and interaction between historical figures such as Baron Carl Mannerheim, Finland’s President Risto Ryti, and others.
– Fight in three wars seldom seen in media: the Winter War, the Continuation War, and the Lapland War.

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty will be available for PC, now you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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About Starni Games
Starni Games is a game development company, founded by Ihor Tymoshenko, a programmer and a game designer with over 20 years of experience. The company’s first project was the browser MMO game Star Ghosts, released in 2015. The company’s goal is to create games with deep gameplay and immersive narrative that invites critical thinking.


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