Surviving Mars : trailer pour Space Race

La très jolie “simulation” de colonisation martienne de Paradox accueille ce week-end sa première extension majeure. DLC sur le thème de la compétition entre plusieurs colonies dont les sponsors ambitionnent chacun de devenir la première super-puissance sur la planète rouge.

Ce qui en jeu se traduira par de nouveaux évènements, véhicules et bâtiments, deux pays supplémentaires concourant à la colonisation de Mars (le Japon et le Brésil), et surtout des séries d’objectifs spécifiques à atteindre pour décrocher diverses récompenses sur le thème de la prospérité, du profit ou du progrès.

Au passage sachez que le jeu de base vient de bénéficier d’une nouvelle mise à jour, patch intitulé Gagarin, qui améliore l’interface et change pas mal de petites choses dans le gameplay (voir ce changelog). Les notes du patch pour Space Race se trouvant elles en parallèle par ici.

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On Your Marks! Surviving Mars: Space Race Commences Today
Discover New Mission Sponsors and Rival Colonies as the Race to be a Super Power in Space Begins

STOCKHOLM – November 15th, 2018 – Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games today launched Space Race, the first major expansion for their sci-fi management game, Surviving Mars, on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox and PlayStation. In this competition-focused expansion, players can interact with rival colonies to send or receive distress calls, race to achieve milestones or even steal important colonists. Daring dome designers of all sorts can purchase Space Race for the suggested retail price of $12.99 USD. Players looking to delve deeper into the dome experience can pick up Surviving Mars: Space Race Plus which also features the Marsvision Song Contest and Colony Design Set content packs for the suggested retail price of $19.99 USD.

Begin looking for that competitive edge with a new launch trailer here

Get to the start line of your next adventure today and download Space Race here:

If you’re new to the red planet, come try your hand at the colonization of alien planets with a free look at the game this weekend! Surviving Mars is free to play this weekend (November 15-18) on Steam and Xbox.

Surviving Mars: Space Race features include:

– A Challenger Appears: Compete for milestones, already limited resources, and anomalies with several other AI colonies backed by rival sponsors attempting to set roots on Mars and vie to become this planet’s superpower. You can trade with, respond to distress calls for, issue distress calls to, and even steal important colonists from these competitor colonies as you establish your territory on Mars.
– Earth to Mars, repeat, Earth to Mars: No matter how deep in space you go, you gotta follow the money. Each sponsor comes with its own sets of Challenges to complete as you further their individual goals for colonization.
– Represent the Dome Team: Each sponsor has their own unique vehicle and building that only their colonies can construct and take advantage of in their mission. Express the individuality of your space-faring conglomerate inside and out of your domes.
– New Money, New Problems: Meet two new players in the fight for the final frontier. Japan and Brazil are now available as brand new mission sponsors and are ready to move heaven and Mars to make their mark!
– Expect the Unexpected: Experience narrative events throughout your colonization process that help reveal the realities of life in the dome and challenge your management skills.

Surviving Mars: Space Race Plus also features the Marsvision Song Contest and Colony Design Set content packs for the colonizer who appreciates the finer things in life on Mars:

– Human Music, I Like It: Mars hasn’t killed the radio star (yet). With Marsvision Song Contest players get a new radio station featuring all the top pop songs from the sponsor countries. Bop along to some J-pop, Bollywood and more as you fend off mortal peril for you and your colonists!
– Smarten Up Your Streets: Deck out your dome with 25 new buildings in the Colony Design Set to give a fresh look to your living, working, and playing quarters. Whether it’s a Stirling Generator or a Spacebar, make sure you spruce up your space to be out of this world.

To find out more about Surviving Mars take a look at here for upcoming news and community activities:

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