Surviving the Aftermath repoussé à début 2021

En bref. Alors que le développement de ce city-builder original a régulièrement bien progressé, le studio en charge souhaite pouvoir bénéficier de plus de temps afin d’approfondir différents mécanismes du jeu. En conséquence, la sortie a désormais était fixée au début de l’an prochain.

D’ici là, vous pourrez toutefois profiter d’une phase Accés anticipé allant arriver sur Steam fin octobre. Et une nouvelle feuille de route viendra annoncer prochainement le contenu supplémentaire prévu.

Pour vous faire une idée des dernières améliorations du jeu, voyez par exemple la récente vidéo ci-après.

Pour plus d’informations sur Surviving the Aftermath, qui va donc rester encore un bon moment en chantier mais est néanmoins jouable en version Accès anticipé, voyez le site officiel ou cette page chez Epic Games. Ainsi que désormais cette page sur Steam, ou encore notre préview.



A message from Lasse, the Game Director for Surviving the Aftermath:

Hello survivors,

The last six months have been quite the ride since we started on this journey together. Surviving the Aftermath has evolved a lot from its initial Early Access release on the Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Preview, way back in ancient times of PDXCON 2019. Since the Early Access launch, we’ve released monthly content updates that introduce features or add depth to existing mechanics. This was all made possible by our players who helped us shape the game with their feedback over the last seven months.

While working alongside our players, it became obvious that we are onto something truly special, but we should spend more time going deeper into gameplay mechanics that meet our community’s expectations. On top of that, development has been affected with everyone working from home during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, no one has taken ill thus far, and we’d very much like to keep it that way. Because of this, we made the difficult decision to push back the official launch of Surviving the Aftermath 1.0 to early 2021. The team at Paradox has been a pleasure to work with and they will continue to give us their full support making Surviving the Aftermath the best survival management game possible.

But there is good news! We are excited to share that Surviving the Aftermath will be available on Steam Early Access on October 22, 2020. We promised a Steam release in late 2020, so we are sticking to our word. Expanding Early Access support to Steam allows even more players to get involved during this phase of development where there’s still time for us to act on your feedback. We’ll also have more details on the PlayStation 4 launch as we get closer to release.

During the last seven months, we’ve added trading, vehicles, an enhanced tech tree, society leaders, colony combat, colonist behaviors, and hostile wildlife. Among those features were several highly requested by the community, such as underground resource extractors, malnutrition, and prioritizing adding combat sooner rather than later. Some of these features started small, but have grown deeper and more intuitive with each update, and there are a lot of big things to come. But this is all just the beginning, players can look forward to new exploration mechanics, endgame, a quest system and more!

Developing this game alongside our players has been a real treat and we love the passion you are showing towards our game. We look forward to working with all of you as we continue to improve Surviving the Aftermath leading up to launch.

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!
Lasse Liljedahl
CEO at Iceflake Studios and Game Director for Surviving the Aftermath


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