TactiCon 2022 : trailer

En bref. Voici une bande-annonce présentant la première édition de la convention virtuelle nommée Tacticon 2022. Convention organisée par Hooded Horse et Firesquid, qui se déroulera via Steam du 22 au 26 prochain, et qui permettra entre autre de présenter une centaine de jeux sur le thème de la stratégie. Soit tant au travers d’animations diverses que par le biais de différentes démos.

Reportez-vous à cette page du site du festival (cf. capture d’écran ci-dessous) pour trouver les liens menant aux pages des différents titres concernés par l’événement.


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Celebrate the unrivaled joy of strategy games with the TactiCon Steam event
Hooded Horse and Firesquid join forces to bring four days of demos, panels, discounts, and more

22nd September 2022 – Hooded Horse and Firesquid are delighted to announce that TactiCon has begun! Celebrating strategy games both big and small, this new Steam event highlights the brilliant and creative minds who develop these experiences, as well as gathering the players who love them all under one roof.

TactiCon runs from Thursday, September 22 through to Monday, September 26, showcasing over 100 games, and bringing together over 20 speakers from around the world to talk about the unique and challenging topics around strategy games in 2022. There will also be discounts, streams, and Let’s Plays from the wider community, as well as playable demos for recent releases and highly-anticipated upcoming titles.

Highlights include Gloomhaven, Farthest Frontier, Battle Brothers, Shiro Games’ Wartales, Firesquid’s Great Houses of Calderia, USC: Counterforce, Humankind, Going Medieval, Vagrus – The Riven Realms, Timberborn, Wildermyth, The Riftbreaker, Paradox Arc’s Across the Obelisk, Hero Hour, and the recent city-building sensation The Wandering Village, not to mention many of Hooded Horses’ own stable of strategy games, such as Terra Invicta and Sons of Valhalla.

Whether you’re a fan of real-time or turn-based tactics, grand strategy or tactical RPGs, or even deckbuilding and city builders, there is bound to be something for everyone at TactiCon. This is planned to be a regular event, so watch this space!

“It is exciting to organize this event due to the enthusiasm of all the great developers and publishers we have interacted with! We are all united in our love for these types of games, and we want to give them a forum,” said Anders Larsson, President of Firesquid. “If you are a developer, we want you to apply to be able to get your game in front of the fans!”

“Strategy games offer some of the most engaging, the most long-running experiences in the entire games industry,” said Hooded Horse CEO Tim Bender. “TactiCon is our way of bringing this community together to celebrate not only the fans, but the brilliant minds that bring these games to life. We’re excited to be partnering with Firesquid to put on this event.”

To learn more about TactiCon and the games that are showcasing at this year’s event you can visit the official website here or head to the official Steam page. A press kit is available here, which also includes a panel schedule.


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