The Rifts, premier DLC pour Frostpunk

Les amateurs de city-builder très originaux seront probablement content de savoir qu’un premier petit DLC vient d’arriver cette semaine pour Frostpunk. Extension ajoutant une nouvelle carte difficile avec un mécanisme supplémentaire et des ponts à construire. Ces derniers permettant de mieux varier le développement d’une cité.

Au passage le studio a aussi dévoilé le passe saisonnier accompagnant ce DLC, qui intègre deux futurs add-ons, The Last Autunm prévu en fin d’année, et Project TVADGYCGJR prévu lui on ne sait quand l’an prochain, puis une bande-son et un artbook.

Pour plus d’informations sur Frostpunk: The Rifts, voyez cette page sur Steam. Concernant  Frostpunk, voyez le site officiel ou cette fiche sur Steam.



Frostpunk expands with a Season Pass!

Hello Citizens of New London!

Frostpunk universe is expanding now with Season Pass. First thing for you to taste is The Rifts – mini-expansion adding a new Endless Mode map and a new constructible building – The Bridge. Bridge the rifts to access new areas and expand your city in unprecedented ways.

This is an introduction to two following expansions. Big stuff! First one will be “The Last Autumn” – the biggest expansion to Frostpunk – and as you may guess, one of the things to consider when thinking about it is that even the longest winter has its first day. Then the concluding expansion to this Season Pass is named Project TVADGYCGJR. And regarding it, the scouts of New London are currently in search of the information about this. Expect more info just when The Last Autumn begins,

Learn all the details from the graphics here:

Additionally, there’s a free update to the game as well. New Endless Mode maps land in the game: Frozen Grove, Snowdrifts and Hanging Rock based on The Arks, Refugees and Fall of Winterhome scenario maps.

Also, there’s a bunch of fixes:
– fixed a bug with save files not being created in Spanish and Italian language versions
– fixed a bug which caused save files to disappear
– disabled backward compatibility for save files before patch 1.3.3
– many minor fixes

Thanks. Stay warm!