The Sacred and The Profane, nouveau DLC pour Old World

Une seconde extension est arrivée il y a quelques jours pour ce 4X signé par Soren Johnson (Civilization IV, Off World Trading Company), add-on qui comme son nom l’évoque se focalise sur la religion, développant son impact dans les empires antiques.

Cela via plus de 350 évènements supplémentaires, de nouveaux personnages (clergé), une dizaine de nouveaux projets pour vos cités, de nouveaux traits de caractères ou encore six personnalités historiques (Mani, le fondateur du manichéisme; Paul, fervent chrétien converti et premier évêque; Josèphe, rebelle juif, général et érudit; Ostanes, l’un des supposés grands utilisateurs de magie; Sapho, poétesse grecque; Hypatie, scientifique et philosophe alexandrine).

Pour plus d’informations sur Old World – The Sacred and The Profane, voyez cette page sur Steam. Concernant le précédent DLC, Old World – Heroes of the Aegean, voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Concernant Old World, voyez cette page chez Epic Games, ou celle sur le site du studio. Et aussi cette fiche sur Steam.



Old World – The Sacred and The Profane Out Now
The second DLC pack for the historical strategy game is here, together with a front page featured sale on Steam

January 16, 2023 – Hooded Horse is pleased to announce that The Sacred and The Profane DLC for Old World is out now, enhancing the 4X game’s religious themes with new narrative content and gameplay features.

The new pack features 350+ new events, over ten new character traits, six new historical figures with their own event chains, as well as religious clergy characters with their own missions and projects. There is also religious dissent and persecution mechanics, as well as over ten new ‘cult’ city projects.

To celebrate the DLC launch, Old World has a Midweek Madness front page featured sale event on Steam with 25% off the base game starting today.

Old World is the critically acclaimed, character-driven historical 4X strategy game designed by Soren Johnson, lead designer of Civilization IV. Old World focuses on building dynastic families over generations, where you must lead one of several noble houses vying for power in the ancient world. The game’s first DLC, Heroes of the Aegean, released in May 2022.

A press kit is available for Old World here, and you can find dedicated materials for the new DLC here. Old World – The Sacred and The Profane is available to buy on Steam, Epic Games Store, and for $4.99 / £4.49 / 4.99 EUR, with a 10% launch discount for the first week, alongside the 25% off Midweek Madness Steam sale for the base game.


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Mohawk Games, Inc. is a Baltimore, Maryland development studio led by Leyla and Soren Johnson, the lead designer of Sid Meier’s Civilization IV and co-lead designer of Sid Meier’s Civilization III. Mohawk Games previously released Offworld Trading Company and is currently developing content for Old World.

Mohawk Games can be found via its website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Discord, and Twitch.

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