The Woodland, nouvelle extension pour Talisman

Après deux nouveaux héros arrivés à la fin du printemps, un samouraï et un bûcheron, c’est une douzième extension qui a fait son apparition au début du mois dernier pour la déclinaison informatique de Talisman. Intitulée Le Royaume Sylvestre en VF, il s’agit donc ici de l’extension parue en 2014 pour la 4e édition du jeu de plateau, extension qui ajoute une région supplémentaire, cinq nouveaux personnages et comme à l’accoutumée une centaine de nouvelles cartes. A noter que ce DLC a aussi bénéficié de trois patchs depuis sa sortie.

Pour plus d’informations sur Talisman – The Woodland Expansion, voyez cette fiche sur Steam, ou ce manuel chez Fantasy Flight Games.



The Woodland – OUT NOW!

Hello all,

Happy Woodland day!

It’s the one that you have all been waiting for – the fourth corner board is here!

For the first time in countless ages, the mystic Woodland has returned to the mortal realm. Among the towering trees and along the twisting trails, wealth and power beyond comprehension can be found. But there are dangers as well. King Oberon and Queen Titania, ageless beings of fate and magic, will not brook invasion of their realm so lightly. Players will pick sides in the struggle between the monarchs of the fae, or choose their own path of destiny.


Between Harbinger patches, a free new app on iOS, Asmodee accounts, Deep Realms beta and release and now the Woodland there have been a host of bugs and fixes that have come up and disappeared from the various places that Talisman is in production. As a result, it’s been difficult to separate any list of fixes into live, beta and QA bugs. During the beta we kept a comprehensive list of all changes which were generally split into the above categories and that can be found here.

To highlight a few specific fixes – we have recently found some bugs with our networking code that have the potentially to be critical in improving our online stability. We hope that the community will feel the benefit from these fixes. If you are continuing to have any stability issues then please let us know.

Dev Note

The Woodland was originally intended for July but due to behind the scenes engine/platform things that have gone on we have brought the release forward. We believe that the Woodland is in a very healthy state at the moment and is in good condition to be released but due to the earlier than intended release we are prepping a post-release patch already. We hope that this will be for all of the minor bugs that are found from the weirdest of weird item/character/spell/spaces combos that are possible but if any more serious issues do occur then please report them as we are following the feedback closely and are ready to react.

Special thanks…

As always, we are grateful for all the hours that people choose to give to helping us improve the quality of Talisman: Digital Edition. For this expansion we gave more people access at an earlier stage and some folk really went above and beyond in helping us ensure the highest standards possible.

Thanks especially to sjgf, Neil, Nemomon and talismanisland for your continued hard work and support.