Thirty Years’ War ressort sur Steam

En bref. Paru à la fin de l’été l’année dernière, voici que cette belle simulation de la guerre de Trente ans est maintenant disponible aussi sur Steam. Où pour l’occasion et jusqu’au 16 juin prochain le jeu bénéficie d’une réduction de 10%. A noter que si vous possédiez déjà le jeu, normalement en suivant ce lien et ces instructions vous devriez pouvoir obtenir une clé Steam pour l’ajouter à votre ludothèque.

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Religion and War

Thirty Years’ War is now available on Steam!

Epsom, UK – June 09, 2016
“For what can war, but endless war, still breed?” – John Milton

Thirty Years’ War is a wargame like no other, thanks to its deep and rarely covered historical context. From the Bohemian rebellion to the Swedish intervention led by Gustavus Adolphus, from Denmark to the Palatinate, players can now recreate the Campaigns of Lützen, Nördlingen and Rocroi.

As the head of the Catholics or Protestants, the players have a considerable freedom of military and political actions. Recruiting new units, reinforcing the casualties with mercenaries, manoeuvring armies of thousands of men and planning yearly campaigns, will soon become their everyday life with only one ultimate goal:

Gain supremacy over Central Europe!
Players will have the chance to select scenarios, from 1618 to 1648:

• The Bohemian Revolt: This scenario covers the first years of the war, from the sieges of Pilsen and Budweiss to the intervention of the Catholic League and the battle of White Mountain in 1620.

• The Paladins: A small-scale scenario that represents the months of fight in the Rhenish Palatinate.

• The Danish Phase: This scenario runs from the Danish entry into the war to its final defeat and the treaty of Lübeck.

• The Swedish Intervention: King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden aims to invade the Holy Roman Empire in order to bring support to the German Protestants.

• The Thirty Years’ War: This ambitious scenario covers all the years of fighting, from the Bohemian Rebellion to 1648.

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