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Voici une nouvelle bande-annonce pour accompagner le lancement en ce début de semaine de la version Prologue de ce futur city-builder. Autrement dit, il s’agit ici d’une version du jeu plus élaborée que la précédente démo, qui était elle plutôt une sorte de didacticiel, nouvelle version donc qui via essentiellement un scénario jouable librement donne un meilleur avant-goût de ce que sera la future version finale.

Voyez directement sur cette page sur Steam, où vous pouvez donc télécharger gratuitement le jeu, et au passage contribuer à aider un peu les développeurs à avancer dans leur projet.

Pour plus d’informations sur Builders of Greece, voyez cette fiche sur Steam et cette page sur le site du studio.



Rejoice! Builders of Greece: Prologue is now Live!

Good day to you, Builders!

The long wait has just come to an end and from this very moment you can once again enter the world of Builders of Greece: Prologue… this time in all its glory! Yep – it was thanks to your invaluable feedback and great enthusiasm that we were able to bring the Prologue to its current form. For that, you have our undying gratitude

All right, brace yourselves, as your new adventure has just begun! It’s high time to claim the throne and expand your mighty empire in the name of your people. We are thrilled to announce that…

But there’s more!

For this exceptional moment, we have chosen to unveil an additional surprise! The launch of the Prologue is undoubtedly a significant occasion, and we believed it was the ideal moment to show off a… brand-new trailer!

The trailer showcases some of the accomplishments that you can achieve as a powerful ruler, but know, that when playing Prologue, you are only limited by your imagination and leadership skills

Your city can reach to the horizon and become a trade, military, or manufacturing
power. Will your population number in the tens, hundreds, or… thousands of loyal subjects? Will you succeed in building the magnificent Theater? Will you resist hostile aggression and handle random events wisely? These and many other questions are waiting to be answered!

As always, we remain at your disposal on our Social Media, Discord server and Steam Discussions channels!

Ok, Builders, we wish you a great day and many, many awesome adventures in the Prologue May the gods favor you!

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PLAYTEST Builders of Greece: Prologue

September 14, 2023 – Warsaw, Poland. Blum Entertainment team is thrilled to announce that after the extremely fruitful Playtest (see the Playtest Summary here), Builders of Greece: Prologue will debut on Steam on September 18th 2023.

The Prologue serves as a narrative scenario designed to acquaint players with fundamental game mechanics, management systems, and the overall atmosphere of the title. Its primary objective is to pique players’ interest and anticipation for the full version of the game.

Thanks to the above-mentioned Playtest, Blum Entertainment successfully integrated numerous recommendations from its community members and effectively addressed a few immersion-breaking issues. Moreover, this process allowed Blum to expand and refine the initial concept of the Prologue into a more intricate and deep version. Be sure to give it a shot on Monday, Sep 18th.

About Builders of Greece: Prologue

Immerse yourself in the beautifully recreated golden age of Hellenic city-states and display your strategic and economic mastery. In the free Builders of Greece: Prologue you will face many challenges, unexpected events, and promising opportunities. Make world-shaping decisions, command your subjects, raise magnificent structures, and make your Polis the most glorious place in the whole ancient world! Builders of Greece: Prologue, being a shortened version of the full game, is a great way to practice your management skills and learn basic game mechanics.


Dozens of varied buildings
Extensive management and decision-making system
Random events and weather conditions
Trading, politics, and war systems
Old-school City Builder gameplay with a modern twist

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