Trailer pour Imperiums – Rome vs Carthage

En bref. Voici une nouvelle bande-annonce pour accompagner l’arrivée, au printemps prochain, d’une seconde extension pour Imperiums: Greek Wars. 4X qui initialement mélange stratégie et mythologie, mais qui va continuer ici d’explorer ludiquement la vaste et agitée période de l’Antiquité dans le bassin méditerranéen.

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New DLC Imperiums: Rome vs Carthage

Hello everyone.

Let’s make your day brighter with some great news :)

The Age of Alexander DLC had a great reception, this was just the boost we needed and now we would like to announce a new DLC in the making.

As with the previous DLC, we want to follow the historical chronology. This time we jump several decades further on to the year 301 BCE.

This is one of the most interesting periods of our history. Carthage rules most of the Mediterranean, the generals of Alexander the Great and his heirs fight with one another over his legacy, the Italian peninsula is on fire as the Etruscans and Samnites try to hold back the expansive Romans and at the fringes of civilization migrating nomadic tribes bring further chaos to already troubled times.

The map setup will be grand, 25 playable factions on 5000 tiles, ranging from the Iberian Peninsula in the west to the peaks of Caucasus in the east and from the Teutoburg Forest in north to the Nile Delta in the south.

As well as the new campaign map we will introduce a number of new mechanics. Starting with migrating tribes, historical events, multi-turn events and mandatory objectives.

Check out the Steam page for more details and don’t forget to wishlist the game! Again we will run a short release discount, be sure not to miss it by wishlisting the DLC.

To whet your appetite further we will elaborate on the map setup and new mechanics in upcoming spotlights and faction highlights :)

We wanted this DLC to be more than just a new campaign map and we have put a lot of thought into the new mechanics. In our opinion, the game is quite complex as it is, more new rules could make it too complicated and less fun to play. So, the new mechanics will extend existing features of the game to provide a greater immersion and period authenticity without the need to learn new rules. More interesting and fun to play!

Migrating tribes will provide a new challenge to players at the borders of the known world. They are independent, they will defend their own cities and they will intentionally seek out hospitable regions for settlement. Essentially, they want to establish their own kingdoms and become a real political player in the region.

With historical events we are aiming to bring a more historical flavor to the game. Scripted events will be triggered when certain conditions are met and these should mirror to a certain extent, real historical events.

Multi-turn events should make plagues, revolts and other similar incidents much more realistic. Players can react to these events as they see fit and the events themselves will unfold for better or worse as a consequence of your actions.

Mandatory objectives will force you to choose one objective at a time, one that you promise to complete, this is your word to your people! Objectives will play a much bigger role in the game providing more immersion and requiring more strategic thinking.

One important thing to note is that this DLC is an extension of the recently released Age of Alexander expansion pack, which means that all of the mechanics introduced there (military reserves, economic specialization etc.) will be also included.

We truly aspire to make this the very best campaign of the Imperiums series. The setup itself should be interesting enough but with the new mechanics, the whole game will be brought to a new level.

Please consider wishlisting the DLC and help us spread the word.

Yours, Kube Games team.