Trailers pour EU IV Art of War et CK II Charlemagne

Crusader Kings 2 - Charlemagne - cultures

Paradox vient de dévoiler deux nouvelles extensions pour ses deux titres phares que sont actuellement Crusader Kings II et Europa Universalis IV. Intitulée Charlemagne, la première permettra de débuter une partie de CK II vers 769 AD afin de jouer l’avènement du Saint Empire Romain et bien sûr de son empereur Charlemagne. The Art of War ajoutera pour sa part à EU IV des mécanismes simulant un peu mieux l’art de la guerre, sur terre comme sur mer, puis approfondira le sujet de la Guerre de 30 ans, et enfin ouvrira l’horizon du jeu à l’ère napoléonienne. Les deux trailers ci-dessous ne résumant qu’assez mal le contenu de ces add-ons, voyez plutôt ci-après la liste des principales caractéristiques pour vous faire une meilleure idée des nouveautés.

Comme à l’accoutumée chaque extension, dont on ne connait pas encore les dates de sortie mais qui ne devraient néanmoins pas trop tarder à arriver, sera aussi accompagnée par une importante mise à jour pour chaque jeu.




COLOGNE, GERMANY — 15 August 2014 — Paradox Interactive today revealed two new game  expansions for their award-winning grand strategy titles Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II. The expansions, entitled “Art of War” and “Charlemagne,” coming respectively to Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II, will add new events, new mechanics, new in-game abilities, and plenty of new ways to change the course of history for strategy fans everywhere. Both expansions will be available for their respective games on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs in the near future.

Charlemagne will introduce Crusader Kings II players to the man who became the “Father of Europe,” uniting much of the continent for the first time since the since the fall of Rome and founding the Holy Roman Empire. Now starting in 769 AD – another century to play! – the expansion will include a series of story events that follows his rise to power, and will come with new game options to allow players to chart their own places in history – such as a new in-game “Chronicle” that highlights a dynasty’s conquests, marriages, and labors for the faith. Kingdoms are also more customizable in Charlemagne with the option to create your own with custom names and banners.

In Art of War, players of Europa Universalis IV will add new possibilities to explore what Clausewitz called the “continuation of politics by other means.” Changes to battle mechanics will allow wily warlords to launch sorties from sieges, sell obsolete ships and transfer occupied lands to allies. A revamped Reformation system will let you relive the Thirty Years’ War in a series of unique in-game events to see how they fare in Europe’s greatest conflict prior to the 20th century. Once the fighting has settled down, rulers will be able to try a new set of diplomatic options inspired by the Napoleonic Era, including the creation of client states to support – or resist – revolutions. And this is just the beginning.

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Principales caractéristiques

Crusader Kings II: Charlemagne

– New Earlier bookmark, 769, almost 100 more years of Crusader Kings II
– Special story event series for Charlemagne
– Annual Chronicle in the style of the Saxon chronicle
– Custom Kingdoms and Empires, create a new title from a lower-tier title, can customize flag and name.
– Dozens of new cultures.
– Brand new system for climate and seasonal transitions.
– Regency overhaul

Europa Universalis IV: Art of War

– 30 years War: Unique mechanics and events for the religious conflict that ravaged Europe.
– Napoleonic Era: Fight for or against the revolution and create entirely new custom client countries on the map from your conquests.
– Fighting on land or at sea: You can now sortie from sieges, transfer occupation to allies and give objectives to your subjects and allies. Entire Fleets can now be upgraded with one click, you can now mothball fleets to avoid paying maintenance, and your fleets can be set to automatically transport armies.
– Marches: Turn your vessals into bulwarks against your enemies, getting less tax but strengthening their defences.
– Improved Diplomacy: Sell Surplus Ships, Fight for your subjects CB, Declare War in Support of Rebel factions in other countries and new peace options.
– Gameplay Enhancements: Build entire armies in one click and abandon cores that you no longer wish to support.
– Free Features for the accompanying patch: Completely new rebel mechanic, local autonomy on province level, new cardinal system for Catholics, new reformation mechanics and a new look map.



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