Turmoil ressort sur iOS et Android

Ce jeu sur le thème original des barons du pétrole (cf. notre test) vient de ressortir sur l’Appstore et sur Google Play.



Turmoil Launches on iOS and Android
Drill like a 19th Century oil baron in this slick and casual sim game

[Haarlem]—January 11, 2022—LT Games announced today that the casual tycoon sim Turmoil has launched on iOS and Android. Inspired by the oil rush in 19th-century North America, this visually charming game developed by Dutch studio Gamious pits players against wily rivals in a bid to become a successful oil entrepreneur and mayor of the town. Start raking in the oil money and watch the town boom!

Turmoil leverages real-time strategy gameplay as players build up their empires. Acquire land at the town auction, and uncover oil with dowsers, moles, or scans. Create an efficient pipe network to get the oil above ground, and buy wagons and silos to transport and store it. Wait for the right price to sell, or use natural gas to raise the oil price yourself! Upgrade your operation with dozens of new tools and technologies to drill through rocks, take advantage of natural gas pockets, and prevent oil spillage. Mosey on over to the saloon to score some shady—but advantageous—deals.

Turmoil provides an almost unlimited variety of oil-drilling fun with different settings and randomly generated levels. You can play a single game, challenge other players to see who is the slickest oil tycoon in town, or play your own campaign to master all technologies and beat your opponents. It isn’t all about oil, however; business savvy is also important in Turmoil. Use your hard-earned cash to outbid your rivals at the stock auction for town shares, and become the new mayor to win the game.

The mobile version of Turmoil also includes an entirely new campaign that offers the same oil-drilling fun, but with challenging twists and interesting bonuses. The addition of magma in the underground creates danger but also offers opportunities, and discovering underground artefacts can lead to easy cash, though collecting them all might be more profitable. Earn even more money by testing your card skills in the saloon. Get ready to become the ultimate oil tycoon!

Turmoil is available now on iOS and Android devices:
Appstore: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/turmoil/id1485507408
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ltgames.android.oil


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