Unity of Command II – Moscow 41 : screenshots

Voici une première série de captures d’écrans pour ce troisième prochain add-on du sympathique second volet d’Unity of Command. Qui poursuit donc sa route vers l’Est autour de Moscou, au travers de 11 scénarios historiques, qui incluent différentes variantes.

De quoi probablement intéresser ceux ayant apprécié le gameplay de ce second titre, style de jeu très proche d’un wargame, visuellement très soigné, mais ayant sous certains aspects un coté plutôt puzzle tactique.

Pour plus d’informations sur Unity of Command II – Moscow 41, dont la sortie est attendue pour ce 31 août, voyez cette fiche sur Steam.

Concernant le précédent DLC Unity of Command II – Barbarossa, voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Concernant Unity of Command II, voyez le blog officiel ainsi que cette page sur Steam. Puis notre test ou encore ce récit de partie.



Unity of Command II Moscow 41 DLC Announced

You have made it to the gates of Moscow in Operation Barbarossa, aren’t you curious to see how it all turns out?
The beginning of December 1941 saw German forces fighting at the gates of Moscow. Thereafter, ferocious Soviet resistance, coupled with exhaustion and horrendous weather, meant that this was to be the end of the line for the German army.

The new Moscow 41 DLC will be out on the 31st of August on Steam and the price will be 6,99 USD. The Steam page is already up with screenshots and more details about the content of this DLC.

It’s time to take back the Motherland

In Moscow ’41 you take control of Soviet forces as they deliver blow after blow to an overextended Wehrmacht during their winter counteroffensives of 1941/42. Though battered and bruised, German armies will prove mighty opponents for the less experienced Red Army, which must also contend with overly ambitious objectives set forth by the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

Key Features of the Moscow 41 DLC

11 historical scenarios with many variants, based on the Soviet winter counteroffensive in late 1941 and early 1942

Limited, but still difficult to achieve, alternative historical outcomes, such as relieving Leningrad or destroying Army Group Center

New Soviet Guards units

New winter look for German and Soviet units

New specialists: Soviet Ski Troops, Divisional Gun

New card: Artillery Preparation

New Protagonists!

Apart from the new winter look for both the combatants, the new Soviet Guard Units will bolster your effort to protect the motherland. Reliable veterancy and attached specialists make them a fearsome adversary for the advancing German troops.

And a quick couple of examples of Moscow ’41 missions…

Rostov Offensive

November 1941,
As winter closes in, the German forces in the Ukraine occupy an increasingly lengthy front, with increasingly depleted formations. At Rostov, German panzers advance on the city, but there are no infantry divisions to back them up. The Soviets throw dozens of new formations, backed by katyushas, into the attack. Rostov will be the first major city to be liberated from Nazi occupation, and no German units from this sector can be sent to assist at Moscow.

Defense of Moscow

November 1941,
After the Russian winter turns mud into solid, icy ground the Germans mount one final push on Moscow. Infantry batter their way forward, while the panzers seek to encircle the Soviet capital. As the exhausted Wehrmacht approaches to within visual range of the spires of the Kremlin, Stavka commits dozens of fresh formations. The Wehrmacht is stopped cold.


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