Bonne nouvelle, Slitherine a annoncé cette semaine l’arrivée de Gary Grigsby’s War in the West et de l’extension Operation Torch sur Steam, le 3 août prochain. Jeux qui étaient sortis respectivement fin 2014 et fin 2015, et qui ont d’ailleurs depuis bénéficié de plusieurs mises à jour améliorant le gameplay et corrigeant divers bugs.

Au passage notez qu’un guide du débutant a lui aussi profité au début de l’année de différentes améliorations, bonne idée, un wargame pointu comme celui-ci pouvant en effet s’avérer plutôt intimidant. Vous le trouverez par ici dans le forum officiel.

Pour plus d’informations sur le jeu et son add-on, voyez respectivement cette fiche et celle-ci sur Steam. Ou par ici chez l’éditeur.


Gary Grigsbys War in the West is coming to Steam!

We are pleased to announce that one of the most acclaimed wargames on the Western Front of World War II, Gary Grigsby’s War in the West, is going to be released on Steam on August the 3rd!

Starting with the Summer 1943 invasions of Sicily and Italy and proceeding through the invasion of France and the drive into Germany, War in the West brings you all the Allied campaigns in Western Europe and the capability to re-fight the Western Front according to your plan.

Thousands of feet above the battles on the ground, War in the West also covers the Allied air war campaign. Drop bombs on enemy headquarters or help your terrain troops with supplies and achieve victory in your own way.

On August the 3rd you will also be able to purchase the expansion “Operation Torch”, that introduces 10 new challenging scenarios, including both historical and what-if operations like the “Battle for Tunisia”, the “Operation Dragoon” and the “Breach of the Gothic Line”.

Will you be able to outclass the Allies generals, or will you choose to fight for the Fatherland and defend every inch of your nation from the invaders?

Need more information? Check it out on Steam now!

War in the West Beginner’s Guide (Updated)

Are you still intimidated by the gargantuan complexity of War in the West? Scared about the hundreds of counters to move, the deep logistic system to learn, the Air War layer to master?

Fear no more! Our friend jonboym has put together a comprehensive list of tutorials covering every aspect of this marvelous wargame!

To have an idea of this impressive work, look at the screenshot below, just highlighting a little portion of the List of Content:

You have no excuses now to challenge yourself with one of the deepest wargame ever made!

Check the Tutorials here and join the fight with War in the West!

A special thanks must go to jonboym for having put together such list and also to the original creators of these tutorials! Weel done guys!


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