Warhammer 40,000 – Regicide : début de la bêta


Comme prévu Warhammer 40 000 Regicide est arrivé aujourd’hui sur Steam Early Access. C’est donc l’occasion de voir enfin en détail à quoi ressemblent les combats dans ce jeu de stratégie s’inspirant beaucoup du jeu d’échec, combats donc aux animations 3D particulièrement sanglantes, ce qui sommes toutes reste cohérent quand on parle d’Orques et de Space Marines équipés par exemple d’épée-tronçonneuses. Les amateurs du genre et des univers de Games Workshop apprécieront probablement ces graphismes aussi saignant que soignés, qui vont certainement contribuer à donner au jeu une ambiance unique.

Pour plus d’informations sur Regicide, dont la date de sortie de la version finale n’est pas encore connue (mais pourrait se situer vers cet été), voyez le site officiel. Au passage notez qu’une version pour appareils mobiles devrait aussi rapidement suivre, une fois le jeu arrivé sur PC.



Sydney, Australia – April 20, 2015 – Independent game developer Hammerfall Publishing has released the opening cinematic to the Warhammer® 40,000®: Regicide campaign, and announced that it will be available on Steam Early Access from May 5. Fans can get their first glimpse of the upcoming single-player campaign story in the opening cinematic below.

The video contains a mysterious transmission sent from the remote world of Hethgar Prime. The frontier world is in peril, and the feared warriors of the Space Marines are dispatched to investigate. On arrival, the Space Marines find themselves up against unexpected adversaries in the struggle to liberate Hethgar Prime and investigate the source of the ominous transmissions.

Experience the thrilling single-player campaign scenario in the opening cinematic video (https://youtu.be/Vv1Mp3v25fA)

Watch the intense cinematic opening to Warhammer 40,000: Regicide.

This transmission is linked to the multi-part Blood Angels campaign, featuring 50 thrilling story driven missions, narrated by voice actor Brian Dobson (famed for his past work on the Dawn of War series). The Regicide Blood Angels campaign will be revealed in several acts throughout the course of Early Access.

Regicide is a fresh take on the Warhammer universe, featuring an intense mix of strategy and cinematic gameplay. An original and brutal take on turn-based strategy, Regicide fuses characters, abilities and environments derived from the Warhammer 40,000 universe from Games Workshop, with traditional strategy and new action-heavy gameplay elements.

– Cross-platform play.

Regicide showcases a tactical, single-player Blood Angels campaign. It also features a cross-platform multiplayer experience. Go to war anytime, anywhere against opponents worldwide as traditional gaming meets highly detailed production.

– Play anywhere versus anyone.

After the game’s launch on PC, Regicide will arrive on mobile devices in mid-2015, and allow cross-platform matches with persistent progress.

– Go to war. Anywhere. Anytime.

With one unified account, experience cross-platform multiplayer gaming between PC, tablet and mobile; against friends and foes on another platform.



Due for release every few weeks after the launch of Early Access, these upcoming content drops will inject plenty of exciting new additions into Warhammer 40,000: Regicide’s gameplay.

These include the full single-player campaign, new Chapters, Clans and a host of incentives, rewards and unlockables for participating in the Regicide online forums and community!

– The Angels of Blood

Free to Early Access purchasers, the Regicide – Angels of Blood campaign will be revealed in multiple acts throughout the Early Access. The campaign opens with Guardsman Karthus and his fellow troopers garrisoned the Phaedrus Orbital Station above Hethgar Prime.

– New Chapters and Clans

Regicide has eleven planned Chapters and Clans to fill out the Space Marine and Ork ranks by the end of the Early Access phase.

Phase 1 features the Space Marine Blood Angels and Ork Goffs, plus White Scars and Bad Moons as exclusive community rewards for those who have supported us! You can learn more about this content here: http://www.warhammer40kregicide.com/forums?forumid=8&threadid=7322

Tens of thousands of users have already registered game accounts (www.warhamer40kregicide.com/start) since its announcement in May 2014. The studio has been overwhelmed with the groundswell of support from fans via the online forums (www.warhammer40kregicide.com/forums) and social media pages (www.facebook.com/wh40kregicide).

Fans who participate in the Regicide forums will also be eligible for in-game rewards and bonus content, to be announced soon.

Warhammer® 40,000®: Regicide will be available May 5 via Early Access on Steam.


About Hammerfall Publishing

Hammerfall Publishing is an independent game developer based in Sydney. Inspired by the lore and legacy of the Warhammer® 40,000® universe, Hammerfall Publishing makes its debut with Warhammer® 40,000®: Regicide. Focusing on cross-platform gameplay, Hammerfall Publishing aims to meld high-calibre PC gaming with the Warhammer® 40,000® dystopia. For more information, visit www . hammerfallpublishing . com.

About Games Workshop

Games Workshop® Group PLC (LSE:GAW.L) is based in Nottingham, UK. Games Workshop designs, manufactures, retails, and distributes its range of Warhammer® and Warhammer® 40,000® games, miniature soldiers, novels and model kits through more than 400 of its own Hobby centres, the Internet and independent retail channels in more than 50 countries worldwide. More information about Games Workshop can be found at www . games – workshop . com and further details about all of Games Workshop’s licensees and their products are at licensing . games – workshop . com

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