Wars of Napoleon ressort sur Steam

Paru en décembre dernier, voici que cette superbe simulation des guerres napoléoniennes est désormais disponible aussi sur Steam. Où pour l’occasion et jusqu’au 13 mai prochain le jeu bénéficie d’une réduction de 20%. Coté patchs sachez que Wars of Napoleon est passé récemment en version 1.02, mise à jour conséquente améliorant entre autre le moteur du jeu, le système pour la diplomatie ou encore la gestion des événements historiques. Voyez le changelog ci-après pour une description complète des modifications.

A noter que si vous possédiez déjà le jeu, normalement en suivant ce lien vous devriez pouvoir obtenir gratuitement une clé Steam pour l’ajouter à votre ludothèque.

Pour plus d’informations sur Wars of Napoleon, voyez cette fiche chez Ageod ou celle-ci sur Steam. A lire aussi en complément les articles suivants : Wars of Napoleon : le retour de l’aigle et Wars of Napoleon : présentation de Sea Lion.


Wars of Napoleon is now available on Steam!

Epsom, UK – May 06, 2016.
“The torment of precautions often exceeds the dangers to be avoided. It is sometimes better to abandon one’s self to destiny” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Today on Steam, players have the chance to follow in the footsteps of the famous emperor Bonaparte. Feared by his enemies and glorified by his soldiers, The Little Corporal, or the Nightmare of Europe, was one of the few men able to change the destiny of an entire continent.

Wars of Napoleon is considered one of the most complete digital representation of the Napoleonic era in all aspects. It employs a detailed diplomacy system, alongside deep strategical and tactical logistics, reforms, conscription, blockades, building and organizing armies and fleets, and all the way to maneuvering and deploying armies in the field.

Wars of Napoleon is grand strategy at its finest, employing a realistic diplomatic system with dozens of different options available, including casus-belli, coalitions, defensive treaty, passage rights and more.

Experience the true meaning of leadership: managing conscription laws, blockades, and training Army Corps and Fleets. The choices at your disposal are very massive.

The game offers a gigantic Grand Campaign covering more than 10 years of war, including iconic battles like Austerlitz and Waterloo. It also features more than 300 different uniforms from accurate sources, 400 portraits of generals of the period and seven major nations are playable. Players have to make the right military and political decisions to dominate most of Europe and they can also enable some what-if situations to change the balance of powers between nations.

History is happening right before our eyes!

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This patch is all-inclusive; you don’t need any other patch.
You must restart your ongoing games, it is not save compatible.

Engine & Game logic (excl. diplomacy)

• Free xp gain has been reduced by a factor of 3 (from 75 to 25% chance per turn)
• Much less attrition in cities, if playing historical attrition
• Garrisons in passive posture don’t get served last in replacements, they are in the normal flow, which is:
all passive units
all defensive units that are not garrisons
all offensive units that are not garrisons
all remaining garrisons, if there is at least 5 replacements
• Naval Intercept order won’t be reset systematically to false after an interception, it will depend of the strategic rating of the admiral (six-sided dice rolled against strategic rating).
• You must now be on offensive to set Naval Intercept order. Fleets are always active and thus can always be on offensive, but it will lead to increased cohesion loss while staying at sea.
• Upped chances to find someone in the naval off-map boxes.
• Regions list now shows development level
• Feature about Locked keys (F11, F12) that should not affect the campaigns, has been disabled.
• Off map boxes warfare: Upped chances to encounter the enemy by roughly 33%.
• Fixed a bug resulting in no damage done either in OMB or with naval bombardment.
• Some fixes to discrepancies between seniority and promotions.
• Minimum chance to hit for an element is now 7% (was 10%)
• Can now build depots in allied territory
• Army auto-renaming to keep Napoleon at head of ‘Grande Armée’ should work in all case now.
• Minor nations won’t go outside their home territory, unless under direct control by a major nation.
• AI should concentrate forces more often. Work in progress!
• Allied AIs will be much less prone to wander in others allied territories, if there is no threat there.
• Lone leaders will much more rarely go on tourist tour, and if they do it should be quick!
• when using ally requests window, you can now see the value the AI gives to regions in the region tooltip.
• Revised how units are sorted and displayed in the unit panel, at the bottom of the interface.
• Forts will now fire only on ships passing in “designated regions”.
• All rivers and “estuaries”, Dardanelles/Bosphore, and Neva Mouth are “designated”
• There is also some chance that passing ships will evade fort fire. You will see a message if this occurs.
• Gibraltar will no longer fire at the straits! Ships passing in Coastal Waters will no longer be fired upon!
• Several smaller improvements in AI scripts for the campaigns, while waiting for deeper changes. Need a restart.
• The weird zoo with flying whales and swimming camels has been removed. This entry is part of the contest of ‘strangest patch note in a video game’ for year 2015.
• Color-coding: If you don’t want the engine to use faction main color in tooltip, edit the text file NGC\settings\userinterface.opt, there is an entry named inoCommonTTColor:
Set the value to 1, like here: inoCommonTTColor = 1
• AI will be much less prone to sent stacks without frontline units in non-controlled territories
• Can type space when renaming a game. Can close same window with <enter> key
• Further refined ‘play the anthem’ logic on load game and new turn jingle
• You’ll always see all 7 major nations (Ottomans included even if technically they are a disorganized major) in objectives screen.

• A war with a minor can stop spontaneously after one year if warscore is still low (< 10)
• Nations that should be future satellites of some majors can’t be liberated by anyone except said major (French Spain, Poland)
• Made sure no CB is given if 2 nations are at war.
• If you are allied with an enemy of another ally DOWing said enemy, you don’t DOW it. (will solve satellite going to war against their master)
• AI fix: Minor nations at peace will check and answer all requests now (no is a valid answer!)
• When giving back regions to its original owner, as part of a peace treaty, you won’t lose the VP, NM originally gained from them.
• fix to receiving CB even against a nation you are at war with prohibited DOW: target is a minor allied to a major, and this major has a peace in effect with us
• True defensive treaty: Major nation gets a CB against another enemy major nation if in a def treaty with ally major being attacked by
• You no longer gets a free +1 warscore per turn when fighting a minor nation (was up to 10).
• You no longer gets a CB against satellites nations.
• Creation of Duchy of Warsaw won’t move French units outside the duchy.
• Liberating a nation will make them your ally (or if France/Great Britain, part of your Alliance or Coalition)
• Minor nations should reply more often to requests. (They could have been ‘dormant’ if at peace, before).
• Formed nations don’t propose new treaties fixed a bug in exp forces creating issue in diplomacy
• Fixed an issue in defensive treaty not added properly
• When making peace, you’ll always get a passage right and supply right treaty for 24 turns.
• Countries without owned regions don’t DOW anyone. There is a limit to stupidity.
• Expeditionary forces and fleets can be aborted if there is no common foe.

Events, options, campaign & units balancing
• Removed Fort Build from Special Orders
• Strip Naval Guns only in owned regions
• Land Sailors only in not owned regions
• Added all models flavor name (Campbell Compton’s huge work)
• Adapted the August scenario to work with these (only FRA, GBR and PRU so far)
• Fix recruitment areas for some French Brigades
• Fix recruitment of French xtra units with Austrian peaces (Dalmatia-Croatia)
• Fix British naval models names
• Added info on HRE dissolution that peace with Prussia is also required
• Fixed missing links errors that caused Brazil/Plata to be 1 day sail off Portugal. Also removed Cabo
• Fisterra bottlenecck by allowing to go around it
• via the North Atlantic seas.
• Fixed Swedish fleet exit issue (pointing to the Malaeren lake instead of Stockholm sund)
• Reduced double HG units in GBR setups
• Added many missing AI diplomatic affinity parameters for minor nations, in particular French satellites
• Fixed some sequence issue in French occupation of Portugal events
• new major French satellites (WES, POL, RHC) had no force pool; fixed missing strings
• Fixed AIActivate for FM Options
• Fixed AIActivate for GovEco, GovDiplo, and Mil Options
• Created AIActivate for Le Grand Empire Option
• Fixed AIActivate for Spanish Ulcer
• Fixed Barclay relocation in Russian army reform events
• Fixed strings for Moldavia and Finland Annexation
• Fixed errors in the creation of Westphalia info (F4) for locked version
• Added more German translations (thks Klaus)
• Fixed French annexation of Holland and Oldenburg
• Fixed raising conditions of colonial brigades and Swiss brigades
• Fixed Boulogne Harbor exit points again
• Events: Saxony switches improved
• Fixed text in evt_txt_PRU_PeaceOfTilsit_PRU_PeaceSigned
• Less attrition and cohesion lost while moving (thanks Ace)
• Changed rate of fire (thanks Ace)
• Fixes to texts and images
• Changed all naval FM options (not showing before, now showing in Military options)
• Fixed Boulogne Harbor exit points
• Fixed missing events images
• Changed Turkish leaders abilities (thanks Ace)
• Fixed various missing events and option texts
• = Added a condition on relationship for the ‘Napoleon’s letter’ option.
• = RGD renewals reviewed and corrected
• = Tilsit Peace options corrected
• = AI interests adjusted to reduce wandering units [SPA, RUS, TUR, PRU] • Added a condition on relationship for the ‘Napoleon’s letter’ option.
• Improved Peace of Pressburg event that should no longer untrigger in case of unsuspected changes
• during negotiations
• Fixed an issue with HRE Dissolution event that sometimes caused it not to trigger
• Changed $ to WSU option (reduced/improved to 500$ for 20 WSU)
• Fixed scripting bugs in British and Spanish events that killed all their units on map
• Added Missing Bocage graphics
• Fixed Neapolitans missing units images
• Added graphics on map for the key structures so players can identify important locations + added
• tooltips (need new campaign)
• Improved AI scripts on taking of National Modifers options (now much more active)
• Improved AI scripts on wandering units
• Fixed some missing or erroneous texts + Spanish translation added
• Revised (and slightly reduced) cost in WSU and made balance between different units (arty and ships are proportionals)
• Improved WSU production for most nations (+added some production sites)
• Added an option to buy WSU (100) in exchange of Money (1000)
• Fixed movement cost in Alpine terrain that were erroneous
• Added more explanations in the tooltips for NM choices (options)
• Revised new France satellite nations crations to avoid ejection of French allies upon creation.
• Changed some naval OOB (Spanish Cartagena squadron, Russian caspian fleet)
• Fixed some more issues and territory transfers in Pressburg peace
• Fixed missing strings as per Forum remarks
• Revised initial 1805 Force Pools (to remove units otherwise created by options)
• Revised some RGD’s renewal (you no longer get RGD’s if you don’t have the corresponding national modifiers)
• Added an event that will allow GBR to negotiate peace with France after London has fallen (generic peace via the diplomatic engine, a more specific peace treaty will be designed for a future patch after forum discussions are complete on the matter)
• Changed all SOL and warships to shoot at a lower range, added some better protection on some ships , added 10% capture chance on SOL ships
• Fixed errors in leaders titles
• More Spanish Ulcer events (Entrevue de Bayonne, French Spain)
• Fixed some issues with Pressburg peace (thks Vicberg)
• Revised Options (Military and Econmic) to lower to 10% of initial value the coast in WSU (current bottleneck), plus added greater AI chance to select them
• Fixed missing strings (Saxony changes sides 1806) and various recent forum remarks
• Improved Spanish Ulcer events
• Fixed buggy event on leaders
• Fix to the siege works decision
• (several fixes done by Vicberg) – if an event has not happened, the patch will updated it, otherwise you need to start a new game.
• Pressburg peace further improved
• Hannover can now be fully annexed by France. Will impact negatively relationships with Prussia and a few German minor states.
• Firenze/Tuscany can now be fully annexed by France. Will impact negatively relationships with Austria, Spain and a few Italian minor states.
• Papacy can now be fully annexed by France. Will impact negatively (and severely) relationships with
• Austria, Spain and a Sicily kingdom.
• Several fixes on events (like HRE or Kingdom of Holland)
• Fixes to Tilsit Treaty
• Added specific “leader” (the rock) and defensive unit for Gibraltar fortress
• Added Czar Paul I (for potential variant)
• Revised 1805 campaign OOB and cities (a few added) + Hannover occupied in 1805 (since Atlenburg Convention of 1803 it is under French occupation)
• Beefed up significantly Gibraltar defenses (and terrain is now alpine, making Assaults more difficults)
• Improve Invasion of Russia events (including beefed up AI)
• Improved Flavor events adding new armies to nations during campaign
• Changed all Arty models to decrease Damage inflicted through fire and Assault
• Changed all Guards models which were 500% better than regulars in Assault hits. Now more in line with reality (120 à 150% max)
• Reduced the CbtHit chance to 125/50 (was 400/80 before for fire/assault) in gamelogic
• Revised all structures setup for GC to better balance locations and dispersion, as well as mix


Derniers tests