Wartile – Hel’s Nightmare : premières images

Ce très original jeu hybride, mélange de jeu de figurines et de jeu vidéo de combats d’escarmouches, va bénéficier à compter du 5 mai prochain d’un premier DLC. Extension qui après un chantier de plus d’un an va ouvrir le gameplay aux légendaires et cauchemardesques Draugr, guerriers déchaînés par des puissances maléfiques dans les régions nordiques servant de décor au jeu.

En attendant plus d’informations sur Hel’s Nightmare, concernant Wartile , désormais aussi disponible sur Xbox et PS 4, voyez le site officielsa page Facebook, ou cette fiche sur Steam.



Hel’s Nightmare release date

We are happy to announce that our long-awaited DLC for Wartile, Hel’s Nightmare, is now set to be released on the 5th of May.

Furthermore, are Wartile coming to the PS4 and Xbox One on the 24th of Marts and can until then be pre-ordered for Xbox One at 10% discount.

These releases are something we have been working on for more than a year, so needless to say, its a tremendous achievement, and we celebrate this with a 50% Spring discount on Wartile.

About Hel’s Nightmare

Evil powers have been awoken, and a horde of Draugr Warriors is pouring into the Norse regions, leaving trails of death and chaos in its wake. The King of the North watches as villages are pillaged, and its civilians captured and brought to Hel’s Pillar.

Once again, your fellowship must raise arms against the undead threat.

Enjoy five brand new handcrafted battle boards, continuing the story after Niflheim. Each battle board is offering variated tactical challenges, set in a unique mood and style. Lead your Viking fellowship into the Hel’s Nightmare accompanied by the new hero Ogier the Dane.

As the world outside comes to a complete standstill, we also work from home, trying to adapt our work and family life with the situation.

Our thoughts and sympathy go to everyone affected by the current events and hope that at least we can bring some joy and happiness into everyday life.

Best regards

The Wartile Dev Team


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