Workers & Resources – Soviet Republic rejoint Hooded Horse

Si le concept d’un city-builder dans le large cadre d’une république soviétique fictive entre 1960 et 1990 vous intéresse, vous serez probablement content d’apprendre que ce futur et original jeu en chantier depuis 2019 vient de rejoindre l’éditeur texan Hooded Horse.

Pour l’occasion, un ancien trailer est rediffusé, montrant le jeu et ses principales caractéristiques lors de son lancement en phase Accès anticipé, il y a quatre ans. Heureusement vous trouverez sur la chaîne YouTube du studio 3Division de nombreuses autres vidéos, la plus récente datant d’il y a un mois, et introduisant les mécanismes de gestion des déchets.

Quoiqu’il en soit pour l’instant, c’est probablement une bonne nouvelle pour les amateurs de ce jeu comme pour ceux curieux de voir ce que pourrait hypothétiquement donner une simulation urbaine et économique ouverte dans le contexte historiquement fermé et peu florissant de l’Union soviétique. Nul doute que Hooded Horse aidera certainement ce titre à atteindre et probablement dépasser le cap de la version 1.0 dans un avenir proche.

Pour plus d’informations sur Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, dont la date de sortie est toutefois encore derrière un ferme rideau, voyez ce site officiel ou celui-ci, et cette fiche sur Steam.



Hooded Horse signs indie Soviet city builder Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

Comrade, a glorious new game has joined the portfolio – grow a fledgling republic and build it into an industrial superpower in this Cold War-era city-building game

September 18, 2023 – The glorious publishing house of the Hooded Horse is pleased to announce a formidable alliance with 3DIVISION. Its hit city-building game Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic joins the publisher’s domain of world-class strategic and tactical games.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is the ultimate Soviet-themed city builder tycoon game, where players must take an impoverished (and entirely fictional) former soviet bloc republic and transform it into an industrial superpower. With over 30 commodities, countless transportation options, and the ability to tailor a nation in intimate detail, players can enjoy complete economic freedom to build the socialist utopia of their dreams – just make sure the people are kept happy.

Key features:

– Planned economy – choose which resources to mine, what industries to set up, and how to efficiently utilize the workforce for maximum effect.
– Comprehensive city building – plan out urban districts and residential areas and ensure there is plenty of infrastructure in place for the smooth flow of people and materials.
– Economic simulation – deal with a worldwide market where the price of goods is constantly shifting based on player actions and global events.
– Soviet sandbox – enjoy authentic Soviet-style architecture, vehicles, and realistic landscapes from the 1960s through to the 1990s.
– Mod support – robust mod support, with the best user creations getting officially integrated into the game.


Hooded Horse will be offering its full range of publishing services to the developers to allow them to focus on the game and their vision as they continue towards a 1.0 release.

The game is currently localized from English into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, with more languages coming at a later date.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is available on PC via Steam Early Access for $34.99 / £27.79 / €29.99 / ¥3,600. A press kit is available.


About Hooded Horse™
Hooded Horse is a publisher of deep strategic and tactical games with people and partners worldwide. Starting in 2019 with a single title, Hooded Horse’s portfolio has grown to 27 games and counting. Our goal is to empower and support developers in doing what they love so that they can create world-class experiences for their audiences. From the distant past of Manor Lords and the haunted woods of Against the Storm, to the depths of space in Terra Invicta and Falling Frontier.

You can find out more about us on our Steam publisher page, as well as our social channels; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Discord, and website.

3DIVISION is a small company of freelance developers focused on PC and console games with over ten years of experience. They have created hits such as Air Missions: HIND, Foosball: World Tour, and the Air Conflicts saga. The studio is currently working on Soviet city-building game Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, which is in early access.

You can find out more via the official website, as well as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Discord channels.


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