XCOM 2 – Long War 2 : le patch 1.2 est sorti

Une seconde mise à jour est disponible depuis peu pour l’excellent mais plutôt déséquilibré mod Long War 2. Mod qui change donc beaucoup plus qu’il n’y parait le gameplay d’XCOM 2, en y ajoutant de nombreuses options et variantes amusantes, mais corsant nettement la difficulté. D’autant plus du fait des nombreux aspects aléatoires du jeu de base, qui peuvent donc prendre avec le mod un tournant trop facilement punitif pour un joueur ne connaissant pas très bien les nouveaux mécanismes. Ou n’ayant tout simplement pas de chance à certains moments clés.

Évidemment le but de Long War 2 étant que le jeu soit plus long et plus difficile qu’XCOM 2, pour bien profiter de ce superbe mod il faut accepter cette difficulté mélangée à une part de hasard, qui peut aussi donner lieu à des parties très intenses et riches en rebondissements.

Quoiqu’il en soit ce patch devrait optimiser un peu plus Long War 2 (les nouvelles cartes urbaines ont été corrigées), qui risque toutefois de nécessiter encore d’autres mises à jour pour atteindre son plein potentiel. D’ailleurs un patch 1.3 est déjà annoncé (voyez ce début de changelog par ici).

Pour plus d’informations sur Long War 2, voyez cette fiche dans le Workshop de Steam ainsi que cet article sur le site d’XCOM. Si vous hésitez à vous investir dans une campagne pouvant donc vraiment être variée, passionnante et longue, quand tout s’enchaine bien, renseignez-vous d’abord dans les forums officiels (sur Steam, chez Pavonis ou chez 2K). Si vous avez des difficultés avec les missions chronométrées, utilisez éventuellement le mod True Concealment for LW 2, il facilite certaines missions, surtout en début de partie, là où le jeu est le plus difficile.

Concernant XCOM 2, disponible sur PlayStation 4, Xbox One et PC, voyez le site officiel ou cette fiche sur Steam, puis nos archives et particulièrement l’article XCOM 2 : 2035, après la chute de la Terre.

Dernier point concernant XCOM 2, une rumeur voudrait qu’un nouveau DLC soit en approche, il pourrait peut-être même s’agir d’une grosse extension. Rien de certain mais si c’est le cas on devrait en savoir plus ces prochains mois.

Changelog v1.2

– Fix bug in base XCOM 2 relating to mind control. When releasing mind control effect wore off, any active ticking effects (including stun) were still registered to tick only on the mind-controlling player’s turn, instead of the new (original) player’s turn. This resulted in weird side effects in particular for units that were stunned while mind-controlled. Added new code to X2Effect_MindControl.OnEffectRemove to unregister the old listeners and re-register new listeners for any active ticking effects of the appropriate type.
– Regional network tower hack will no longer stun any soldier unit (for modders: this means any unit with a charactertemplate with bIsSoldier = true)
– Fixed two urban maps that were not allowing soldiers to jump low obstacles or break through windows, and we’re placing people to rescue in bad locations. (SEE WORKAROUND)
– Added new AWC melee abilities to Disallowed AWC abilities list so rebels don’t get them (SEE WORKAROUND)
– Crit is now clamped to 0 to 100; Dodge is now capped at 100; Negative dodge now acts like positive crit, allowing only a single tier upgrade. This should prevent edge cases where excessively high dodge or high/low crit scores had unintended impacts on the to-hit calculations.
– Fixed Mind Merge so it lasts through alien turn (SEE WORKAROUND)
– Fixed Kubikiri so it accounts for alien armor when applying damage, and gave it some extra crit damage to make sure stuff gets dead
– Bronzeman setting on Ironman Mode (with ini change) now works
– Corrected bad G-vehicle schedule for alert 16
– AWC cross-training restrictions reconfigured to exclusively use perk triggers (rather than currently bugged class restrictions). SHould see a lot more options open up for training.
– Set Psi Zombies and Avatars to be immune to arc throwers and concussion rockets per their vanilla immunity to stun effects and to cure bugs related to missing stun animations
– Fixed alert levels for Extract_D10_5_LW (was causing a relatively easy schedule to sometimes pop at high alert levels)
– Vipers will no longer attempt to bind units being suppressed, which caused weird behavior.
– Mind Control abilities can no longer target stunned units.
– Fixed a bug that was preventing stabilized/bleeding out soldier recovery and timed loot recovery on Supply Convoy defense
– Fixed a bug that was allowing stabilized/bleeding out soldier recovery and timed loot recovery on Recruiting Raid
– Fix issue where wounded Sparks could infiltrate more than one mission at a time.
– Disallowed on-mission sparks from being selectable for healing in Engineering.
– More explicit controls to prevent Sparks from being eligible for AWC training.
– Fix CTD issue when pressing up/down arrow in AWC Ability UI
– Added missing ‘StockSupport’ attachments for Coil Cannon.
– Geoscape hotlink will no longer be available in UIPersonnel and Promotion screens when in SquadSelect. This fixes the ability to back out of the Avenger Defense mission and freeze the campaign.
– Handle destroyed evac zone or evac spawn location on Haven Defense. Zone or spawner will relocate to a new location on destruction.
– Add arrow to evac zone/spawner on Haven Defense.
– Flamethrowers given +1 range to get it back to intended 1.0 levels
– Unarmed rebels get 4 hp like their armed counterparts. Fixes issue with NCE killing 1-hp rebels and makes them not drop dead from poison.
– Fixed 2nd tier Focus PCS not providing enough will
– Attempted Fix to Mec Micromissiles and Poison Spit targeting places with no visibility from anyone on alien side
– Fixed bad config preventing Proximity Mines project from being available
– Fixed bad config preventing Incendiary bombs from being buildable
– Rebels on mission and appropriate haven advisers are now killed or captured when the mission expires.
– Switched one of the two Rapid Deployment perks in AWC Defense level 2 to level 3
– Fixed issue in which identical Override hack rewards would show up on the same hack attempt
– Fixed bad schedule: Guerilla_D17_1_LW, was defined as Guerilla_D17_D1_LW, leading to rare missions with way too few bad guys
– Added utility category for Neurowhips in all loc
– Prevented Serial and Traverse Fire and Serial and Hit and Run from appearing on same soldier via AWC due to reported bugginess
– Added Single activity in world restriction to Foothold so you don’t get hit with 16 UFOs at once.
– X2Effect_TemporaryItem will now ignore “SmallItemWeight” ability. Things that give free items should no longer cause mobility penalties (e.g. Flashbanger, Smoker perks).
– Fixed Default Doom reduction on Legend for killing Codex / Avatar were still set to generous vanilla scores; reduced to be in line with other diffs (1 for Codex / 3 for Avatar)
– Iron Skin should no longer show triggering at mission start
– Rebels will only get lasers/mags if you’ve researched the appropriate techs as well as the existing triggering techs. So a mag rush that skips lasers will prevent rebels from getting lasers.
– Fixed bad config LARGE_INTEL_CACHE_REWARD in LW_Overhaul.ini
– Fixed bad text in Lethal dark event for all languages
– Fixed KOR Incendiary Bomb project display name loc
– “Find a Lead” now capitalized in mission objective in all cases

Gameplay / Balancing
– Added Sedate Ability to medikits; will allow you to render unconscious any adjacent human ally who is panicking, stunned or disoriented. This allows them to be carried out of combat. Uses 1 action, does not end turn, has two charges.
– Added Berserker corpse requirement back to Combat Stims
– Increased Gatekeeper Will
– Lost Towers and Alien Nest should pop earlier now (available when you get a POI after ~75-80 days)
– You can take 12 soldiers on invasion missions.
– Added a defend pod job for the 5th pod on a big assault-type mission
– You may now evac to escape from regional network tower missions
– Hail of Bullets now requires 5 ammo. Removed Hail of Bullets from allowed Rebel abilities.
– Danger Zone now only adds 1 tile to Area Suppression Radius instead of 2
– Increased resarch time and/or reduced application chance for several tactical dark events
– Worked on Psi Tree to 1) add more pre-reqs, with the effect of reducing the number of high-level perks that take an eternity to train appearing so early 2) ensure at least one perk from the top two levels can be trained if pre-reqs are fulfilled and 3) reduce training time overall. This is an issue we’ll continue gathering feedback on and may make further changes for 1.3.
– PsiAmp_MG costs reduced, requires Codex research and Codex corpse, provides +10 to psi offense instead of +15, updated all locs
– PsiAmp_BM costs reduced, requires Gatekeeper research / Gatekeepr corpse, provides +20 to psi offense instead of +30, updated all locs
– Delayed first chance of Avenger Defense dark event based on DifficultySetting. Hunter UFO will cap at 14 days flight time.
– Engineer advisers will now appear on resistance Supply Convoy missions, and Scientist advisers on Intel Raid missions in addition to retaliations. Soldiers will continue to appear on all raid types and retaliations.
– Removed Codex teleport from list of allowed yellow alert abilities
– Gave Rookie Spark +5 aim to match Rookie diff soldier bonus
– Increased Scout detection range

– Added version number to credits scroller
– Set up mission brief that appears in geoscape and squadselect with some parameters of current mission, like turn counters, type of evac, whether corpses are gathered, etc.
– Added average scatter display (updates in real time) for rocket/blaster launcher targeting.
– Added new NavHelp button “Strip All Weapon Upgrades” to UIArmory_Loadout, UISquadSelect and the Upgrades UI.
– Added explainer text for all languages for rocket scatter, how to build a radio relay, the liberation progress pips, green/yellow alert mechanics
– Added hint that liberation moves you toward unlocking aliens true purpose

– Remove ‘const’ from plot and parcel definition arrays in XComParcelManager. Allows easier mod access to add new objective kinds to existing plots.


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