Aegean in Flames, prochain DLC pour Command – MO LIVE

Une nouvelle extension dans la série Live pour Command – Modern Operations vient d’être annoncée. DLC allant permettre de simuler une hypothétique escalade militaire dans la mer Égée entre la Grèce et la Turquie. Cela ayant déjà failli avoir lieu à la fin des années 80, et étant montré ici dans la perspective des rapports de forces d’aujourd’hui. Si la situation dérapait…

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Command LIVE – Aegean in Flames is announced

At all stations, Maximum Alert!

We are receiving multiple reports coming from the Aegean Sea about an increase of hostility between the Greek and Turkish Armed Forces. Intel says that Ankara is quickly mobilizing Air and Naval units over Cyprus and other contested territories in what they consider their EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone).

Greek authorities are still evaluating the situation, but an escalation seems unavoidable if they want to re-assess their presence in the area.

Command LIVE – Aegean in Flames is the newest LIVE scenario for Command: Modern Operations, depicting a fictional scenario where new tensions between Greece and Turkey escalate to a point of no-return amidst the COVID-19 crisis.


– Playable as Greece (main side) and Turkey (opponent force)
– Vast Theater of Operations covering the whole Eastern Mediterranean from Crete to the shores of Lebanon
– Spec Ops Ground Units for Reckon/Sabotage and Laser Designation (PGM Guidance) missions
– SAR script for downed pilots
– Dense IADS network on both sides including Patriot PAC-3 (MIM-104), S-300 PMU-1 (SA-20), Crotale NG, HAWK (MIM-23), Buk M1(SA-17), OSA AKM (SA-8), Tor M1 (SA-15) on the Greek side and recently delivered S-400 (SA-21b), upgraded Rapier B1X, Altigan and HAWK (MIM-23) on the Turkish side

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