En bref. Paradox annonce de nouveaux records de ventes pour trois de ses jeux. Après donc Crusader Kings II il y a deux ans et Cities Skylines l’année dernière, c’est au tour de Europa Universalis IV de franchir la barre du million d’exemplaires vendus (sans compter les extensions et les DLC mineurs), cela presque trois ans après sa sortie. Pour l’occasion l’éditeur offre gratuitement pendant quelques jours le nouveau DLC Europa Universalis IV: Fredman’s Epistles, soit 15 chansons traditionnelles suédoises du 18ème siècle pour varier un peu plus la bande-son du jeu (spécialement si vous jouez un des pays scandinaves).

Concernant les deux dernières importantes nouveautés chez Paradox, l’éditeur confirme que Hearts of Iron IV (cf. notre test) démarre très bien, avec 200 000 exemplaires écoulés en deux semaines. Du coté de Stellaris, qui en 24 heures s’était écoulé à 200 000 exemplaires, c’est dire si il était attendu lui aussi, ce superbe 4X (voir notre test) a un mois après sa sortie atteint le cap des 500 000 jeux vendus.

Précisons au passage que pour Cities Skylines le jeu a depuis l’année dernière passé lui le cap des deux millions d’exemplaires.

Pour plus d’informations sur Europa Universalis IV, voyez le site officiel, cette fiche sur Steam ainsi que dans nos archives où vous retrouverez nos différent tests du jeu et de ses extensions.


Paradox Interactive Announces Grand Successes for Grand Strategy Titles
Sales Milestones Reached for Multiple Games,
Free DLC Awarded to Europa Universalis IV Players

STOCKHOLM — June 21, 2016 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of grand strategy games, today announced that multiple titles from their recent catalogue have reached impressive new milestones for worldwide sales. Three games, all created by the publisher’s internal teams at Paradox Development Studio, have enjoyed highly successful launches and ongoing sales in recent weeks, thanks to Paradox’s dedicated community of players and their ongoing, long-term support for each game in their library.

Hearts of Iron IV, Paradox’s recently released World War II-themed grand strategy game, has sold over 200,000 copies worldwide in less than two weeks after its release, making it the publisher’s fastest-selling historical strategy game to date. Stellaris, the developer’s first sci-fi grand strategy title, has now sold over 500,000 copies worldwide in just over a month since its release in early May. Finally, Europa Universalis IV, Paradox’s iconic world-conquest grand strategy game, has now sold over 1 million copies worldwide, not including sales of expansions and other downloadable content (DLC) for the core game.

“PC gaming is thriving, and we’re doing incredibly well in a market that is increasingly competitive” said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. “Over the course of our company’s lifetime, we have remained dedicated to creating deep and challenging games for players who want experiences that will last for countless hours. The key to these successes – games that not only sell well at launch, but sell sustainably for years to come – is that we continue to provide ongoing support and development, and remain connected to our community to understand what our players want from their time with our games. The PC platform is ideal for keeping our games updated and supported, thanks to our ability to easily share updates and new expansions – and for our players to share their creative mods.”

To celebrate these milestones, Paradox is offering a new musical add-on for Europa Universalis IV to all players for free for a limited time. Starting today and lasting through July 4, 2016, the new DLC “Fredman’s Epistles” can be downloaded from Steam at no charge, adding a collection of traditional Swedish songs from the 18th century to the game’s soundtrack. The songs, arranged from original works by famed Swedish poet and songwriter Carl Michael Bellman, provide an authentic piece of Swedish culture to Europa Universalis IV, perfect for taking on the world as a Scandinavian superpower. Following the limited free release, Fredman’s Epistles will remain available for 1.99$ from digital retailers.

To further celebrate the one million Europa Universalis IV players the developers will host a special stream on June 21st, 15.00-18.00 CEST, where they will play the oldest available version of the game and talk about its’ development. Watch it at https://www.twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive

For more information about Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio, visit www.paradoxplaza.com.


Stellaris Day One Sales Breaks Paradox Records
Grand Strategy SciFi Game Rivaling the Success of Cities: Skylines

STOCKHOLM – MAY 10TH – Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio launched into space last night with the release of sci-fi grand strategy Stellaris.  The launch was received  to almost universal acclaim by the community, with an impressive 95% positive user reviews on Steam.  With 68,000 simultaneous players on the day of release, Stellaris also managed to de-throne the publisher’s other recent success Cities: Skylines, which  previously held their record for highest amount of concurrent players at launch.  Less than 24 hours after release, Stellaris has sold over 200,000 units, breaking the revenue record for any of Paradox Interactive’s previous titles during the same time period. For the internal development studio, the game has broken every record available and is the studio’s fastest selling game ever.

“We are immensely proud of the Paradox team for putting together such a stellar release,” said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive and master of puns. “This release is the result of hard work and dedication from the entire company and in particular Paradox Development Studio. The incredible reception by players, indicated for instance by the steam user reviews, is all the proof we could ask for that our hard work paid off. Our fans have put their faith in us and Stellaris will be a part of Paradox’s onwards journey for a long time to come.”

”Stellaris breaks a lot of new ground for Paradox Development Studio. It is a type of game we have never attempted to do before, and we are immensely satisfied to see this leap of faith work out well, especially with all the positive response we are getting from the players,” said Henrik Fåhraeus, Game Director of Stellaris.  “We are listening very keenly to all the feedback we are getting and look forward to many years of continued expansions and improvements to the game. Let’s make space great again, together!”

In Stellaris, players guide a species of their own design to power and glory in the depths of space. From humble beginnings, as players leave their home planet and explore the unknown, to tense “first contact” moments with alien species, to the difficult choices and responsibilities of managing diplomatic relationships with other star-faring races, Stellaris presents the iconic gameplay of a Paradox grand strategy title on a galactic scale. With randomly created opponents and procedurally generated star systems, no two games can ever play out the same way.

Stellaris is available now from digital retailers everywhere. To learn more about Stellaris, visit www.stellarisgame.com.


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