CMANO – Northern Inferno : trailer

Matrix diffuse une amusante bande-annonce pour présenter Northern Inferno, la prochaine extension de Command Modern Air / Naval Operations. Au menu de ce futur add-on une quinzaine de scénarios sur le thème d’un conflit hypothétique et apocalyptique entre l’Ouest et l’Union Soviétique.

En attendant plus de précisions sur ce premier DLC, dont la date de sortie n’est pas encore connue, si besoin voyez le site ou reportez-vous à cette fiche chez Matrix. A lire aussi en complément notre Test de Command – Modern Naval / Air Operations.


The Cold War Becomes Hot
Command Air/Naval Operations receives a stand-alone expansion!

Epsom, UK – September 18, 2015.
“Better’is the enemy of Good Enough” – Sergey Gorshkov, Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union

The countdown has started! Warfare Sims, award-winning developers of Command Air/Naval Operations  – the extraordinary real time wargame that changed the face of modern warfare simulations – today announce a new, stand-alone game that uses the latest version of CMANO: Command Northern Inferno!

Through 15 scenarios accurately written by Paul A. Bridge, active RN officer and Falkland’s veteran, players are cast into a fictional conflict between the Soviet Union and the West, shortly escalating to a full conventional war.

With a very detailed unit and weapon database at their direct control, players will get the chance to lead the most lethal and advanced armed forces at sea, on land and in the air!

This is great opportunity, both for newcomers and for hardened veterans of CMANO: Northern Inferno can be played as a separate game (with the possibility to upgrade it to the base game with all the available database and scenarios at any point in time). Alternatively, it can be integrated as a new set of scenarios for owners of the original Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations Game of Year Edition!

Get ready for the Apocalypse! Stay tuned for further updates!

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