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Matrix vient de dévoiler le prochain sixième épisode de la série Command Live. Extension de Command Modern Air Naval Operations qui sera cette fois sur le thème des rivalités dans le grand nord entre Russie et USA, querelles débouchant ici sur un hypothétique conflit.

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Command LIVE new episode! Pole Positions is announced!

The North Pole is hitting the front-page news these days, turning to be the next element of confrontation between Washington and Moscow.

Russia is in the 4th year of a 15-year project to install the ‘SHELF’ underwater Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS), a very modern equivalent to the US Navy’s Cold War system of listening arrays in the Greenland-Iceland-UK (GIUK) Gap.

And it’s news from yesterday that a Russian submarine launched a cruise missile in Arctic Barents Sea, testing Moscow’s offensive-defensive capabilities in the far north.

The United States are seeing this revamped interested and military activity from the Russians as a main threat to their claims over the Arctic, as the region has always been considered a military and economic choke-point of extreme importance.

Do we have to expect a reaction from Washington or will it choose other, subtle, ways to protect its National Interest?

A full analysis of the situation has been dispatched! Read the in-depth analysis!

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