Command Live – The King of the Border : premiers échos radars

Matrix vient de dévoiler le futur dixième épisode de la série d’extensions pour Command – Modern Air / Naval Operations. En route cette fois vers le Vénézuela et la crise qui y sévit depuis 2013. Situation prenant ici un hypothétique tournant dans lequel le gouvernement de Caracas appelle la Russie à l’aide, faisant ainsi monter d’un bon cran la tension dans la région. Et les risques d’affrontements en découlant.

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Command LIVE: The King of the Border is announced

The crisis that has enveloped Venezuela since 2013 has reached a quasi-apocalyptic dimension.

The Government of Caracas has accused in several occasions that the reason for this humanitarian catastrophe is the constant interference of the USA and its puppets in the region, willing to stop the glorious Bolivarian Revolution started with Hugo Chavez.

These suspects have been reinforced by the enclosing relationship between Colombia and NATO, culminating in 2015 in a joint military operation against maritime piracy.

Recently the situation has further escalated as for days two Colombian bordering towns, Cucuta and Arauca, have been theatre of fights between soldiers wearing the uniform of The Bolivarian National Armed Forces of Venezuela and local Colombian border troops.

Claiming the episode is a machination of Washington to destroy the revolution, Venezuela has asked for support to Russia, granting it the Caribbean Island of Orchila as an outpost. Moscow, eager to expand its influence in the area, agreed immediately and it is confirmed news that an aero-naval expeditionary force is already being sent in aid of its new ally.

The United States has declared they’ll support Bogota from aggression with any means and have put their forces in Panama and Porto Rico on the highest alert.

Stay tuned for further information! Command LIVE news report will keep you informed on any update on this escalation.


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