Command MANO : sortie de Chains of War et v1.12

Matrix confirme la sortie aujourd’hui de Chains of War, belle extension stand alone pour Command Modern Air Naval Operations. Add-on qui propulsera le joueur dans un 2018 hypothétique où les tensions dans la péninsule coréenne ont déclenché l’irréparable, une réaction en chaîne créant une guerre ultra-technologique qui embrase violemment l’ouest du Pacifique.

Ultra, oui, car parmi les ajouts de Chains of War, les joueurs disposeront désormais dans leur arsenal d’armes EMP tactiques, de lasers à haute-énergie, de canons magnétiques mais aussi de cyber-attaques. Cela en plus de meilleurs mécanismes pour simuler les dégâts sur les avions ou les transports / débarquement / parachutages de troupes.

Améliorations du moteur par ailleurs disponibles dans un patch 1.12 (voir le changelog complet ci-dessous ou par ici dans le forum du jeu) optimisant aussi globalement les performances du jeu de base.

Pour de plus amples informations sur Command: Chains of War, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam. Ainsi que cette description détaillée des seize scénarios du jeu (douze pour la campagne, quatre à part en bonus), par ici chez Warfare Sims.

A lire également notre article Command – Live : AAR Old Grudges Never Die. Puis concernant le jeu de base et sa précédente extension Northern Inferno, reportez-vous à notre test de Command – Modern Air Naval Operations, à notre AAR Opening Moves, ou encore à cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou à celle-ci sur Steam.


Command: Chains of War is Released!

It’s 2018, the near future and the World is on the verge of a Third World War.

Tensions in the Korean peninsula region are erupting on a scale rarely seen before. Many countries have pursued particularly muscular policies in recent years, hardening a situation, ready to light the fuse at any moment.

China’s political elites are seeing the chance to fulfill their ambitions of a Chinese sphere of influence over the Pacific, and even if the United States are refocusing their military efforts in a revamped War on Terror, they haven’t left their interests in the region unprotected.

Now the question is not when, but who will be the first to strike.

 Chains of War, the latest installment in the C: MANO series is finally here! Be ready to face the apocalypse of an ultra-technological war, where all the rules have been subverted!

Tactical EMP weapons, railguns, high-energy lasers, communications disruption by network/cyber-attacks– and more! – have been implemented, making Command: Chains of War more challenging and realistic than ever!

Load mobile forces on ships, aircraft and even submarines, and unload them on any suitable point on the battlefield, with the new “Cargo, landing and airdrop operations” feature!

Are you ready for the next generation of war? Grab the game now!

Chains of War comes as part of a massive update for CMANO (you can check the version 1.12 changelog here) and can be played as a separate game (with the possibility to upgrade it to the base game with all the available database entries and scenarios at any point in time). Alternatively, it can be integrated as a new set of scenarios for owners of the original Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations Game of Year Edition!

Command v1.12 Changelog

* Major new feature: Communications disruption. (Requires Chains of War)
* Major new feature: Aircraft damage. (Requires Chains of War)
* Major new feature: Cargo / landing / airdrop operations. (Requires Chains of War)
* Major new weapon types:
– Enhanced High-Energy Lasers (HELs) (Requires Chains of War)
– Railguns & High-velocity Projectiles (HVPs) (Requires Chains of War)
– Tactical electromagntic pulse (EMP) weapons(Requires Chains of War)

All new major features are optional (enabled per-scenario, just like the pre-existing features “Detailed gunfire control” and “Unlimited base munitions”), and available for use only when the Chains Of War license is present. Attempting to load a scenario with any of the new features without having the corresponding license results in a block, with a window shown that informs the player of the unlicensed features and how they can be unlocked/enabled.

* Numerous performance improvements

* Addition to passive sonar model: Target masking. When the sub/ship being detected is within X degrees bearing (relative to the sonar sensor) of another one, the (comparatively) louder one may prevent the other(s) from being detected.
(X = a given angular difference referred to as the “bearing gate”. This value decreases in more modern sonar sets (as low as 4 degrees) and increases in older ones (as high as 20 deg). To fool a modern passive sonar by masking under another vessel on the same bearing, you need to get very close to the other unit angularly).

* Significant improvements to automatic flight plan generator

* Misc tweaks to tanker & bingo calculations

* Mine navigation updates

* Two significant tweaks on time acceleration:
– An extra time accel setting, “2x”, has been added.
– The sim resolution (ie. pulse timeslice) is now 0.1 sec not only when running at 1-1, but also at 2x and 5x accel.
The practical result should be that the player gets a smoother “acceleration curve” when moving from 1x to 2x and 5x time compression.

* Improved support for 4K/UHD screens (no longer necessary to temporarily downscale to 1080p).

* UI tweak: Display “No-Cav” on Unit Status panel for vessel that is reducing speed to avoid cavitation

* If the scenario save path does not “sit under” the \Scenarios folder, the game forcefully defaults to the latter

* Fix for Steam workshop issues

* Lua: Fix manual/desired speed on SetUnit()
* Lua: Enhance EndScenario trigger/action
* Lua: Enhanced “Unit Detected” event trigger

* Hide speed info for fixed facilities/groups
* Fixed: Helo climbs after last Hellfire and gets killed by SAM
* Fixed: Aircraft with Stand-off enabled doesn’t fire all weapons on first pass
* Fixed: Doctrine crash for waypoints
* FIXED: DE Submarine not rising to recharge battery if on plotted course without mission
* FIXED: Diesel subs RTBs when battery empties (with plenty of diesel fuel left)
* Fixed: Air groups not displaying altitude correctly
* Fixed: SH-60 attacking with Hellfires turns away, losing illumination
* Aircraft stand-off adjustments
* FIXED: #11436: [920] VLAD Sonobouy range cause spacing issues with MPA’s with mixed sonobouy loadouts
* FIXED: #11554: ASW-only mines triggered by ships
* FIXED: Startup crash by incorrect date parsing in Arabic locale
* ADDED: #4815: Double-clicking on a weapon rec in ‘Add Weapon Record’ menu should add it to the magazine
* FIXED: #7795: 552 Edit event action window – Hightlight units list needs to be wide enough to accomodate text or growable
* FIXED: #11338 – Possible missile bug (Ships firing more missiles then necessary)
* FIXED: #11441 – [B906.24] Activation Times and Creating New Mission Issue
* FIXED: #11464 – Modifying a ships magazine weapons records and then cloning causes a crash
* FIXED: Unit Cloning causes corrupted scen saves
* FIXED: Creating new mission and opening Mission Editor does not display times correctly
* Fixed: Crash when selecting speed/alt checkbox for waypoint
* FIXED: #11477 – [B923] Aircraft in Weather Shelters not damaged
* FIXED: #11454 – CWDB bug – Early British Diesel Subs not recharging batteries
* Fixed: Mission planner edge case for airborne helo and close (<20nm) target
* Added: Check on submerged contact’s age before shooting
* Fixed: Aircraft ordered to refuel crash into NoNav Zones and get stuck
* Fixed: Various sidebar UI fixes
* Added: Set “Unit Status” panel to show a unit on load of scenario
* Fixed: Flightplans without pre-planned times are forced to hold
* Fixed: ASW Strike missions do not launch
* Fixed: [Lua] True/False in LuaWrapper_Mission
* Added: [Lua] Common mission options to SE_SetMission()
* FIXED: Incorrect weapons in Weapon Allocation window
* FIXED: Multiple “contact lost” messages in scenarios with multiple allied sides
* Fixed: [Lua] “Unit enters area” trigger problem when multiple triggers reference the same unit
* FIXED: #11583: Subs on a patrol won’t ignore plotted course when attacking, despite doctrine telling it to
* FIXED: Sub not changing course without pressing U key
* #11591 – Merging emissions from allies sometimes can result in emissions not being updated for fixed facilities
* #11589 – EMCON changed event
* #8801 – No-nav zones visible through the planet
* Lua: Added OODA to unit wrapper
* Various speed improvements
* Fixed: Existing Steam workshop scenarios were not getting updated
* Fixed: Mission creation crash (edge case)
* Improved pathfinding in waters with mines
* Fixed: SA-5 shoots at Tomahawk over water
* Revised sonobuoy drop spacing
* FIXED: Irregular exceptions during recording
* Fixed: Fuel panel is not updated correctly
* Fixed: Force Destroyed event on hosted ships
* EnterArea trigger fix for a ‘NOT in area’ issue
* Fixed: Submarine out of battery goes to wrong speed
* Fixed: ASW on RTB should stop dropping sonobuoys
* Tweaks in MCM and Minehunting sonar evaluation
* FIXED: Abnormal AC turn-rate at below corner velocity
* Fixed: Tankers are less eager to meet clients half-way
* Fixed: Improved RTB logics in presence of tankers
* RE-FIXED: Duplicate log messages
* FIXED: #11586: Harpoons fired on a Bearing Only are not following waypoints
* FIXED: Mission Editor UI problem (cannot assign group members to mission)
* Fixed: Mine navigation improvements
* FIXED: Hosted units not removed when host unit is removed (ScenEdit mode)
* Lua: Fixed ‘Destroyed Unit’ event kicking in on DeleteUnit()
* Fixed: “Ignore Plotted Course” edge case for A/C on ASW with localization course
* FIXED: Group lead took into account sprint-drifters when slowing down to allow group reform (thus entire group freezing in place)
* Fixed: Aircraft don’t turn on radars in patrol zones when using high fidelity
* Fixed: Grouped tankers with “Allow Refuel Tankers” doctrine do all kinds of weird stuff
#11504 – Add paradrop flag to unit 357
#11501 – Ohio SSGN with DDS
#10795 – MGK-608, MGK-608E (export) & MGK-608M SEVER (Imprv Russian SOSUS)
#10169 – KS-139 Belgorod (Project 09852 submarine)
#11556 – DB3k: Add Krasnopol rounds to Chinese Type 66 and PLZ-05 Artillery
#11555 – DB3k: Fix China Smerch and PHL-03 issue
#11549 – DB3k: Complete UAE Army
#11548 – DB3k: Indian Tu-142MK Retired 2017
#11547 – [DB3k Update] BMD weight is 8 tons
#11538 – Burke 2015 torpedo mags
#10918 – CWDB AIM-9C and Talos H issue
#11540 – Juneau fuel issues
#11528 – Gabriel I — -Yom Kippur 73 is capable vs Land but has Anti-Air range and PoK

* Includes the latest versions of the DB3000 and CWDB databases. All standalone, tutorial and Northern Inferno scenarios have been tweaked and rebuilt to the current DBs.