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Matrix a mis en ligne un nouveau trailer pour accompagner la sortie hier de cette suite de Command – Modern Naval Air Operations, suite qui reprend donc la formule ayant fait le succès de cette simulation rigoureuse et détaillée de la guerre moderne, en améliorant ici le moteur de jeu tout en étoffant le nombre de conflits historiques ou hypothétiques potentiellement jouables.

Pour plus d’informations sur Command : Modern Operations, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam. Ainsi que cette FAQ.

A lire en complément concernant Command MANO ces précédents articles : Command – Live : AAR Old Grudges Never Dienotre test de Command – Modern Air Naval Operationsnotre AAR Opening Moves, ou encore voyez si besoin cette fiche chez l’éditeur ainsi que celle-ci sur Steam.



Command: Modern Operations is out now
The next generation in cross-domain modern wargaming

Back in 2013 Matrix Games published Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations. A simulation developed by Warfare Sims that evolved to become the equivalent of perfection in modern warfare operational wargaming. So much so that in more recent years, what was purely a commercial game grew up to be a reference in professional wargaming, being used by multiple military defence organizations across the world.

Today marks the release of Command: Modern Operations. C: MO ( is an evolution of C: MANO, but it’s also a revolution on its own as it takes every single element and system of the original simulation to the next level. Everything from engine, database, maps, editing, accessibility, progression has been revamped and reshaped.

C: MO is a giant leap forward in the genre as it effectively takes what was a single self-contained experience and develops it into an open service with multiple opportunities for plug-ins, mods, scenario-editing and more. The integration with other software developed by external companies is a key pillar for the future development of this game as it effectively becomes a gigantic open simulation of global conflicts.

A totally new engine; more than half a TeraByte of high resolution maps covering every corner of our planet; a cyclopean database with more than 30.000 entries for every weapon, missile, ship, satellite, ground installation, submarine, plane, vehicle and ship that has taken the field from 1946 to present day in almost every Nation.

Command Modern Operations is the premier military simulator for any possible engagement in a modern scenario, from counter-terrorism operations to nuclear tactical warfare.

Easier, deeper, greater and faster. A wide range of tools to manage the battlefield with a modern, crispier and improved graphics user-interface to give players full control of their forces and sensors. Knowledge is the key to win today’s battles.

Existing owners of Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations will receive a 50% discount to help them transition to Modern Operations. Also, all the previously owned official DLCs (a total of 15 products) will be available for free to all Modern Operations owners.
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