Crusader Kings II – Horse Lords : bande-annonce

Voici une mignonne bande-annonce campant le thème de la prochaine huitième extension de Crusader Kings 2. Nommée Horse Lords, elle mettra en scène les fameuses invasions mongoles qui ont impacté le monde au Moyen-Age. En plus de lutter contre ou de jouer avec Genghis Khan et ses consorts, cet add-on proposera comme nouveautés de nouvelles relation diplomatiques, la prise en compte de la Route de la soie, la mobilisation de hordes, la politique des tribus et clan nomades, des fortifications temporaires, ou encore une carte représentant plus finement l’Asie centrale.

La sortie de Horse Lords est prévue on ne sait quand encore mais très prochainement.





STOCKHOLM – June 2, 2015 – The sound of hoof beats echoes across the plain, and you can see the dust kicked up by their approach hours before the first arrow falls. You have heard about this demonic army of master horsemen for years, laying waste to everything before them. Sheikhs and Caliphs and Tsars have failed to stop their progress. The tumult can only mean one thing.

The Horse Lords are coming to Crusader Kings II.

The nomadic invasions of the Mongol and Turkic steppe tribes transformed the history of Europe, the Near East and much of Asia. Genghiz Khan built the largest contiguous land empire the world has ever seen. And now Paradox Development Studios brings you the clan politics, the mighty hordes and the migratory push for new lands that will bring this exciting and vibrant culture to life.

We hope this new trailer gets you ready to saddle up and join the invasion:
With an expanded map, revised interface and new rules for successions and trade, Horse Lords will immerse you in a world very different from the fixed settlements of Europe and challenge you to become the Great Khan – the Ruler of the Sky.

Features in the coming Horse Lords expansion include:

  • Nomadic rule: Distinct from the tribal governments already in game, nomads need lots of space and resist the trappings of settlement.
  • Clan politics: Rule a clan within a nomadic tribe, split clans that get too large, fight for dominance, and proclaim feuds and blood oaths.
  • Muster Hordes: Raise vast armies of horsemen and archers, mobilizing your entire population to ride forth and conquer.
  • Silk Road: This rich trade network can bring great wealth to whomever controls the cities along the route – but it’s especially ripe for pillaging.
  • Larger Map: The Central Asian plains have been expanded.
  • Tributaries: New diplomatic relationship for nomad states forces defeated enemies to keep the Khan’s coffers filled.
  • Forts: build temporary fortifications to hold a province under your sway for just long enough for you to finish the war.

Horse Lords is the eighth major expansion to Crusader Kings II and will be coming to major digital retailers very soon. In the meantime, prepare to meet the Great Khan on the field of battle; your stone walls won’t help you.

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  1. Attila … incontournable dans toutes nouvelles extensions … il apparaît ici, avec les quelques lignes de description, que la gestion de ce personnage et de ses sbires est d’une profondeur assez remarquable.

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