Cultures of Latin America, nouveau DLC pour Humankind

Après une première extension en début d’année qui se focalisait sur les cultures africaines, voici en cette fin de semaine un second add-on qui cette fois ajoute au jeu plus de contenu pour les cultures sud-américaines. Cela via six Nations, deux Merveilles culturelles et quatre Merveilles natures.

Au passage sachez que les développeurs ont offert gratis une culture supplémentaire, la civilisation amérindienne du Mississippi, et qu’en parallèle une nouvelle mise à jour est venue elle corriger et / ou améliorer de nombreux aspects du gameplay (voir ce changelog).

Enfin, si vous êtes plus consoles que PC, sachez que le jeu va dans quelques temps arriver sur Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 et PlayStation 5 .

Pour plus d’informations sur le DLC Cultures of Latin America, voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Concernant Humankind, voyez cette page sur Steam ou le site officiel. A lire également notre article Les combats dans Humankindpremière partie et seconde partie.



Bolivar Update and Cultures of Latin America Available Now

Updates, cultures, and announcements, oh my… Today is a busy day for Humankind. So, let’s rest for a moment and take a closer look at all of this, starting with…

The Bolivar Update

There are many improvements, big and small, in the Bolivar Update. Too many to describe in detail here, but here’s a quick overview of some key improvements:

“Force Surrender” is not mandatory anymore
Natural Wonders have unique effects
Civics show their unlock conditions
Infrastructures show their expected yield
AI bonuses on higher difficulties scale over time
New Luxury Resource distribution settings
And more!

Free Culture: The Mississipians

Unlocked during a recent community challenge, the Mississippians (sometimes known as the Cahokians) join Humankind as a Builder culture in the Medieval era who are especially adept at exploiting rivers.
You can also grab the Mississippian Soundtrack and a Wallpaper Pack of their culture art (and all the cultures in the Cultures of Latin America DLC as well!) on Games2gether. Click here to download !

Cultures of Latin America DLC

On top of the improvements of the Bolivar Update and the Mississippian Culture, we are releasing the Cultures of Latin America DLC. This culture pack is available right now, bringing the following content to your game:

Six new Cultures : Caralan (Era 1 Builders), Nazca (Era 2 Aesthete), Taino (Era 3 Agrarian), Inca (Era 4 Expansionist), Argentinians (Era 5 Merchants), and Cubans (Era 6 Aesthete)
Two new Cultural Wonders : Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun (Era 2) and Maracana Stadium (Era 6)
Four new Natural Wonders : Desert of Atacama, Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Salar de Uyuni, Salto Angel

That’s all for now, but there’s more coming! We’re still working to bring you consistent and flavorful empire names to immerse you in the game world. We’re also continuing to balance cultures, and have been tweaking line of sight rules for battles (as we’ve heard feedback on both from many of you). And then there’s… No, we can’t spoil that yet, but if we were you, we’d stay tuned!