Distant Worlds 2 : première image

En bref. Voici une première capture d’écran accompagnant la confirmation que le travail sur la suite de Distant Worlds, en chantier depuis quatre ans, avance bien. Certes l’image est recadrée, pour ne pas dévoiler divers aspects, certes l’image ne représente pas la qualité finale des graphismes, mais néanmoins ce n’est qu’un début, on devrait en apprendre plus dans les semaines et les mois à venir. Particulièrement le 19 décembre prochain, où une première présentation sur Twitch devrait dévoiler le jeu.

En attendant, appréciez le souci de la modélisation d’une planète vue d’orbite, permettant de voir différents détails tels les lumières d’une colonie au sol ainsi qu’une petite tempête dans l’atmosphère. En plus du port spatial orbital, autour duquel naviguent différents vaisseaux.

Pour plus d’informations sur Distant Worlds 2, patientez encore un peu. Concernant le précédent volet de la série, voyez notre test de Distant Worlds – Universe.



Hi everyone,

We’ve been working on a new Distant Worlds game for more than four years now and we thought it was time to start giving you a peek at the journey we’ve been on.

Please note that the screenshot included here is not from a final, polished release build so will in places include some unfinished areas and placeholder art. There is much that is still subject to change between our current development build and the release.

This first peek is just a teaser to whet your appetite and to draw your attention to the fact that we are going to start talking more about where we’re going over the coming weeks and months.

What you see below shows a view taken from just behind the night side of a Mortalen Rocky Desert Planet, Shaom Hee 6. On the dark side, you can see some lights from the Mortalen colony below. On the light side, you can see a small storm in the atmosphere above the world, as well as a Medium Space Port and a variety of ships coming and going, carrying cargo or colonists, or guarding the area against pirates or other intruders. The snippet of interface in the bottom shows the planetary bodies, ships and stations at this location and is an easy way to navigate what’s within your view. Note that this is a cropped screenshot and there is much more that is not shown.

With that said, we think the image itself conveys a good bit of new information and we’ll leave it there for now so that you can discuss.

Most importantly, we do plan to show more and speak about where Distant Worlds is going in more detail in our Home of Wargamers Twitch live stream event on December 19th, around Noon US Eastern time / 5PM UK time, so please tune in then for some more information. I will also be participating in the Twitch chat during the live stream to answer questions.

We appreciate your interest in Distant Worlds and we hope you enjoyed this first brief teaser.