DLC en approche pour Endless Space 2 et Endless Legend

Amplitude a mis en ligne il y a peu deux belles bande-annonces présentant d’une part la prochaine extension Penumbra, soit une faction nommée le Choeur ombral ayant la particularité de n’avoir qu’un seul système toujours caché durant une partie. Ce que les nouvelles fonctionnalités de piratage et d’invisibilité renforceront à coup sûr. Et d’autre part Symbiosis, extension qui ramènera à la surface les colossaux Urkans et une faction nommée les Mykara. Deux DLC qui continueront d’étoffer un peu plus encore à partir du 24 janvier prochain ces deux jolis 4X.

Pour plus d’informations sur Endless Space 2 – Penumbra, voyez cette page sur Steam ainsi que notre test du jeu de base.

Concernant Endless Legend – Symbiosis, voyez cette page sur Steam. A lire aussi en complément si besoin notre test de Endless Legend.





Hey everyone,

for anybody who could not catch our stream yesterday, we have a big surprise to share: Both Endless Space 2: Penumbra and Endless Legend: Symbiosis will release next week, January 24th! You’ve known that Penumbra was coming for almost a year, but what is this Symbiosis we are talking about? We have collaborated once again with NGD to bring you even more content for Endless Legend. Check out more information and the awesome trailers below, or if you are already convinced grab pre-order them on Steam at a 10% discount, or get the bundle at a 20% discount!

Endless Space 2 – Penumbra

The shadowy, wraith-like spy faction known as the Umbral Choir will be infiltrating the Endless Universe, alongside cool new espionage features like hacking and invisibility. Roaming the universe since the dawn of time, the Umbral Choir are silent observers of the woes of the galaxy. At last, they heard the death cry of another dimension and decided to rush to the aid of those who suffered.

The Umbral Choir

10 months ago, we started out on a journey to co-create the Umbral Choir faction with our community. We held a series of votes on everything from species origin, morphology, nomenclature, ship structure, lore & much more…. This series of 11 community votes helped us create the badass spectral faction we’ve arrived at today, which looks unlike all the factions we’ve created before. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Hacking & Invisibility

Ever wanted to feel like a real-life hack3r? Well now’s your chance. No matter what faction you’re playing, you will able to attempt to hack into others’ home systems. Penumbra also brings new invisibility modules for ships, powerful tools to help you hid from your enemies. Or counter them by installing detection modules!

Endless Legend – Symbiosis

We’ve teamed up once again with the brilliant minds at NGD Studios in Argentina to bring you Symbiosis, which will be Endless Legend’s final expansion. Symbiosis introduces new faction the Mykara as well as giant, tame-able beasts known as the Urkan.

The Mykara

The Mykara are a race of sentient plant matter and fungi, a single organism spanning thousands of semi-autonomous agents and time immemorial, ever adapting to survive and thrive. They spread all over Auriga as a massive underground root system, sprouting on the edges of the map, clinging to the regions other factions leave unattended.

The Urkan

Urkans are massive beasts that appear randomly around the map taking control of neutral land. To tame the creature, empires will have to bribe or defeat them in battle alongside their minions. Taming an Urkan unlocks a new set of unique abilities that is suited for both defensive and aggressive playstyles…

When and where can you get them?

Both expansions will release on January 24th!

They are already available for preorder, at a base price of $12.99 / €12.99 / £10.99.

But until February 4th, you can grab them at a discount!

Get Penumbra HERE at 10% off!
Get Symbiosis HERE at 10% off!
Or just grab them both in the bundle HERE at a 20% discount!

We love both of these expansions, but which one are you going to play first?