Empires Apart : screenshots, bêta et trailer

Un an après avoir été annoncé voici qu’ouvre cette semaine une nouvelle phase bêta pour ce STR ayant comme décor le Moyen-âge et permettant de faire s’affronter jusqu’à sept adversaires (ex : Aztec, Chinois, Français, Mongoles, Arabes ou Byzantins) entre autre sur des cartes générées de manière procédurale.

Pour l’occasion voici une bande-annonce présentant les différentes factions mais ne montrant toutefois pas encore d’extrait du gameplay. Dont on peut toutefois deviner certains aspects avec les nouvelles captures d’écrans suivantes. Images permettant aussi d’apprécier ce qui devrait être la version définitive du style graphique du jeu.

Pour plus d’informations sur Empires Apart, qui devrait sortir cet automne et pour lequel vous pouvez postuler à la phase bêta par ici, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam.


Empires Apart heads into Beta!

Just over a year ago we announced the collaboration with DESTINYbit on their upcoming title Empires Apart.

The game has the ambition to bring the feel of classic RTS games into the modern era and it’s the work of love of true fans of the genre. It’s been a long ride and the intervening months have been full of hard work. Now that we draw closer to release, the developer needs your help to fine tune, balance and bring the project to completion.

You can join in and help us refine the game – your feedback is very important to us, and it will contribute to making the game even better. You will be joining a group of very active and dedicated alpha-testers who are already in love with the game.

“As a competitive RTS gamer, Empires Apart is a game I wouldn’t miss. Got hooked up playing just the alpha, imagine what will happen in the final game.” – TheMista

“I am confident Empires Apart will be a great RTS game. All the signs are there that they will make a game worth playing, with dedicated developers, and actively getting community feedback from testers from a variety of backgrounds.” – robo_boro

“Even in the early alpha stages of the game, I had moments where I’ve enjoyed playing Empires Apart more than Starcraft 2 at times.” – ZertoN

Empires Apart is due to release this Fall on PC. Stay tuned, we’ll publish and reveal more about the game soon! Want to hear all news about the game? Sign up for our newsletter!

The new age of a genre

When we announced Empires Apart, just over a year ago, we were thrilled by the prospect of working on a modern RTS.

Games like Age of Empires have forged the way we play strategy games nowadays, but the genre has been neglected for a long time now and we really wanted to reimagine the gameplay style with developer DESTINYbit.

You will find attached a set of new images of what the final look of the game will be like.

Check the beta
We have also started beta testing recruitment with a new video introducing the 6 playable factions we will have at release (French, Byzantine, Mongols, Chinese, Aztecs and Arabs).

If you wish to join the beta to start playing for when we will have lifted the embargo, feel free to do so (http://slitherine.com/beta/cnda.asp?gid=675) and let us know your username so that we can add you to the first batch of testers.

Empires Apart is set to be one of the must anticipated strategy games of this winter season, so don’t hesitate to ask for information if you need some.