Fall Weiss : deux screenshots


La sortie du prochain Fall Weiss par Wastelands Interactive semble désormais prévue pour bientôt. Annoncé discrètement l’automne dernier, le jeu a jusqu’à présent peu fait parler de lui, sauf en Pologne du coté des développeurs via Facebook (où vous trouverez d’ailleurs quelques images supplémentaires). Néanmoins une version en anglais va donc bien voir le jour, même si il est encore trop tôt a priori pour savoir si ce sera avec le soutien d’un éditeur. En attendant de plus amples informations, voici donc deux captures d’écrans et l’ancien communiqué résumant le projet.

Notez que Wastelands Interactive prépare aussi actuellement Worlds of Magic, voir ce teaser, et a déjà à son actif plusieurs wargames sur la Seconde Guerre mondiale, le dernier en date étant Strategic War in Europe, dont nous vous avions proposé un test l’automne dernier.




POLAND (November 27th, 2012) – Wastelands Interactive for the last nine months has worked on its first game of the a brand. The Campaign Series Fall Weiss is a turn based strategy game, allowing the player to lead the major actors of this conflict. Both, historical and alternative scenarios will allow to defend Poland in lone fight against aggressors or as Germany and Soviet Union strive to gather as many gains as possible, even if this could mean war between the two countries.

Up until now there has really been no attempt to present the entire course of events and military actions during the Invasion of Poland. This is why we have choose this forgotten  conflict as the first one in The Campaign Series. It shouldn’t be a secret that also our origins has got some impact on this choice.

Leszek Lisowski, the Producer of Fall Weiss said: “Poland was one of the major Allied participants during the World War 2, however very often it’s contribution is understated. It should not be forgotten that during September of 1939, the brave soldiers and citizens of Poland, attacked by two largest armies on the continent, defended their country for over five weeks. This is only two weeks less than the mighty French Army, supported by the British Expeditionary Corps and hidden behind the Maginot Line. As the Invasion of Poland is not well represented in games, we have decided to develop and deliver a game presenting this first campaign of the greatest conflict in the history of humankind.”

Features List:

Realistic presentation of the campaign’s events,
Supply Depots which are crucial to execute successful offensives,
HQ units boosting the efficiency of units,
Historical types of units, like Ulhans, Panzers, Stukas, etc.,
Major rivers which can really slow the offensive,
Over 700 of historical units, with a unique photo for almost each of them,
Almost 20000 hexes map of Poland and surroundings.

Fall Weiss will present a new approach to turn based strategy games as the first one of The Campaign Series



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